Happy Sister’s Day

sisters dayThere is a plethora of days to celebrate throughout the year.  Most don’t catch our attention.  But as I looked at the calendar for August to get an idea for this blog, one day stood out to me: Sister’s Day.  Sister’s Day, which is on August 2, celebrates the bond between biological sisters. It’s a day to be especially kind to your sister.  So if you have a sister nearby or not , let her know how special she is to you.  After all, you grew up together, and you and she know things no one else does about your family and each other.

I had a sister who was 5 1/2 years older than me.  We  got along okay, not great.  I wanted to be close, she did not.  However, when there was a crisis in the family, it amazed me how much we thought alike and responded to the event.  That was really the only time we were close, and I’ve always felt a sadness that it could not be different.  My sister died some 14 years ago, and I still think about her often. Especially as I’ve passed her age, and wonder what it would be like if she were still here.

I was not happy without a sister. I needed someone to be more than a friend, to be the sister I missed..  I have been very fortunate.  i have some wonderful friends, and a support network that I can rely on when I need help.  And I have needed help over the years due to health problems. One day I met a co-worker, and we became very good friends.  I asked her if she would be my sister. She is the oldest of 3 sisters, but is younger than me.  She said she would, and now I am a big sister and she is my little sister.  We don’t always talk a lot or see each other a lot, especially since she has another job, but it is wonderful to know she is there if I need her.

So if you don’t have a sister, or have lost your sister, you can always create that relationship with someone special in your life.  And being a librarian, I, of course, have a three “sister” books to recommend. The main one that comes to mind is a beautiful novel by Chita Divakaruni called “Sister of My Heart”.Also, Louisa May Alcott’s classic “Little Women” about the March sisters is a fun, and at times, heartbreaking story. I laughed a lot when reading the “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” by Rebecca Wells.  There are many more out there, just Google “Sister novels”. In fact. you will find a list of 270 such books on Goodreads.

Remember to celebrate “Sister’s Day” on August 2, with a sister, biological or not. Women can be wonderful sisters to one another!

ffun-logo-smallThe first annual Fremont Families United Network workshop is coming our way.

  • Who:  All middle and high school parents and students
  • When:  August 22, 2015 Saturday
  • Where: Mission Valley ROP (5019 Stevenson Blvd., Fremont, CA)
  • Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Fremont Families United Network (FFUN) is a group of community members that have come together to support the emotional, physical, social, academic, and mental health needs of our Fremont Community.

This workshop is free, but $5 donation per participant is encouraged to cover facility, insurance, and other possible costs.

Sign up HERE.

Mid-Summer Reading

It’s summer, and we’re already half way through the Summer Reading Game. Many of you have signed up and finished. Some of you are just starting. There’s plenty of time to start now and finish by August 8.

I find more people inquire about using eBooks and eAudiobooks. Perhaps the next book in a series the kids want is available in eBook format first, although you might still have to place a hold. Or, perhaps you really want some audiobooks to listen to on a road trip, and the CD Book isn’t available or is on hold for someone else.

On our website you can find guides for using the various platforms (Overdrive, Enki, etc.) with your particular Android, iPad, Nook, Kindle, or other device. Look for eBooks on the bottom right column on our homepage. On the next page, click on Overdrive (or OneClick or other options). Then you’ll see a list of guides for your device for that particular platform. After trying it out at home, if you need more guidance, ask our librarians at any information desk. Just be prepared for a bit of a wait, as we have longer lines than usual as we’re giving out summer reading prizes :)

Meanwhile I have a list of kids’ books I want to read, suggested by various children’s librarians in the Bay Area as “distinguished” books, including several titles that are just available this year.  Here are three of them…

alabamaGone Crazy in Alabama, by Rita Williams-Garcia (April 2015). She wrote the Newbery Honor winner, One Crazy Summer(2010), about three sisters (ages 11, 7 and 5) who spend the summer of 1968 in Oakland with their mom. They are enrolled in free breakfasts and peace day camp provided by the Black Panthers — where they learn about pride in their heritage, and learn how to stand up for themselves. They also learn that the family that loves them may not be related by blood — and some of the family that loves them most is back in Brooklyn. One summer later, the girls travel to the Deep South, to Alabama, to visit their paternal grandmother and great grandma. They learn about a slower lifestyle, a more polite way, but a place where small rivalries and grudges are held onto for decades. These girls may be the catalyst for reconciliation in their family — but they have a few things to learn from their aunties, as well!

The Imaginary, by A.F. Harrold (ill. Emily Gravett), March 2015. About the life of an imaginary friend — and what does he do when the girl who imagines him is fading away? An interesting existential question! (I’m intrigued to know more about the story A.F. Harrold will unfold to us) imaginarythe-honest-truth

The Honest Truth, by Dan Gemeinhart (January 2015), which is an adventure of a boy and his dog, surviving in nature. But the boy has a terminal diagnosis. He’s sick enough to need to go to the hospital for treatments. But before that happens, he wants to climb a mountain in Washington state. He uses ingenuity and creativity just to get himself and his dog out of the city. I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Whether you’re reading Harry Potter #1, or Percy Jackson for the first or fifth time — or trying something brand new — enjoy the summer for the opportunity to read something different, thought-provoking, or fun!

18 Jaw-Dropping iPhone Photos

Nowadays, photos taken with a smartphone are ubiquitous, but these iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) winners are indeed amazing!

18 Striking Photos Taken with an iPhone


fourth-of-july-clip-art-July-4-2014Here we are at the end of June and the 4th of July is within sight! Hopefully, you have had a wonderful summer so far. No school pressures with the kids on summer vacation, maybe a little more time to relax, bbq or do whatever you enjoy , and just maybe a trip away from home.  However, if going away is not in your budget, then check out things closer to home. A good starting place is your local library.

You can find out what’s happening at the library by either dropping in and talking to one of our friendly library staff or check our calendar on our internet web-site, http://www.aclibrary.org and go to events.  You can choose to focus on events in a few ways: either by specific  library or event, date or age level.  As an example, on July 5th the Main Library in Fremont is showing the old-time movie”Yankee Doodle Dandy” if you need a chance to rest and cool-off from your 4th of July fun.

Alameda County Libraries offer events year-round, but if you are looking for a cure to the “I’m bored!” of summer, then check us out.  You are sure to find something fun, educational or both at your library!  And while you’re here, don’t miss a chance to sign-up for the Summer Reading Game “Read to the Rhythm.”  We have games for all ages: pre-reader, kids,  teens and adults. As with all of our programs, it’s free and fun. It’s a great way to keep reading going through the summer.  We have cool prizes for everyone, so come check it out. Make the library part of your summer. And have a spectacular 4th!

Anime Day & Manga Swap

manga swap flier-page-001This Tuesday, June 23 2015, come join us for snacks and anime! We’ll also have some manga to check out- bring your old manga to swap with others, or just come to hang out and watch anime. Click the image to enlarge it and check out the details!  See you there.

Tilden Regional Park, Botanic Garden

One of the best places to visit for nature lovers and nature enthusiast is Tilden Regional Park’s Botanic Garden.  The Botanic Garden displays many of California native plants.



Specimens of plants have been brought in from all corners of the state for the public to enjoy. The garden is open from 8:30 AM  to 5:00 PM from October 1st until May 31st and from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM from June 1st until September 30th and closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

To see the prominent plants at a particular time of the year and for more information, check out Tilden Regional Park’s Botanical Garden Website.


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