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A Bit of Silliness: Library Cats


Two of my favorite things are cats and books. I’m sure that won’t come as a huge surprise to you all. In the picture above, you will see three kittens (who are much larger these days) named Merry, Pippin, and Sam who have decided to sleep squeezed between the top of the books and the bottom of the next shelf.

Now, on the subject of cats and books, I should tell you about the Library Cats Map. It’s a site that features information about cats that live in libraries. There are even pictures of many of the cats. Some of the cats have passed on, but others are still around. The map even tells you where these libraries are if you should wish to drop by for a visit. The whole world is included on the map, although some places currently have no cats listed. So, enjoy!

And if you have information about cats that they don’t have listed…you might let them know.

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Monsters and food are the two themes running through a very amusing book of poetry entitled Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich: and other stories you’re sure to like, because they’re all about monsters, and some of them are also about food. You like food don’t you? Well, all right then. by Adam Rex. Yes, that’s the whole title. Speaking of titles, the titles of the poems in this book are uniformly funny.

Don’t believe me? How about, “The Phantom of the Opera still can’t get “It’s a Small World” out of his head.” Or perhaps, “The Creature From the Black Lagoon doesn’t wait and hour before swimming.” I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that my favorite one is, “Godzilla Pooped on My Honda.”

Yep. They’re all pretty much like that, irreverent and silly from start to finish. The artistic style even changes from poem to poem. The Phantom has shades of grey. Frankenstein’s art is primarily green. Dr. Jekyll rates Victorian pictures complete with Gibson Girl hairstyles. A couple of my friends recommended this book to me, and I find that I must thank them publicly. Thank You. This book made me smile on a long and tiring day. I hope that it does the same for you. You can place a hold on it here.

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Thirteen Silly Links


Thursday Thirteen #12
Hello all. I’m stuck at home with the flu. To keep me from going stir crazy, I’ve been surfing the internet looking at silly things. It occurred to me that some of you might need a pick-me-up as well, so here are thirteen links to keep you amused.

Thirteen Bits Of Silliness:

1. A Christmas Story in 30 seconds and re-enacted by bunnies.
2. A Fill-in-the-Blank Formal Apology
3. Simon’s Cat in “Let Me In”
4. The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theater Parodies the Mac/PC commercials.
5. Tarkin n Friends – a parody of a scene from Star Wars
6. Generate Your Own Conspiracy Theory
7. The Trunk Monkey Theft Retrieval System
8. I Can Has Cheezburger – LOLcats & Funny Pictures
9. Leonard Nimoy sings The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
10. The World Rock Paper Scissors Society
11. Eddie Izzard’s Death Star Canteen comedy bit as done with Legos
12. The Froo Froo Menu Generator
13. Elvish Name Generator

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Bike Safety Program


Safe Moves, a non-profit organization specializing in traffic safety education, is offering Bike Safety Programs at Fremont Libraries this April. The programs will last about 30 minutes and are intended for children who enjoy riding their bikes. The programs will cover: safe places to ride your bike, the correct helmet to use, hand signals and much more. There will be three free programs, so attend the one that best fits your schedule.

April 1st @ 4 p.m.
Niles Libray
150 “I” Street
(510) 795-2626

April 2nd @ 4 p.m.
Fremont Main Library
2400 Stevenson Blvd.
(510) 745-1421

April 23rd @ 3 p.m.
Irvington Library
41825 Greenpark Dr.
(510) 795-2631

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In celebration of the National Library Week in April, and the Children’s Book Week in May, the Centerville Library has a Design a Book Cover Contest for elementary and junior high students. Design a new cover for your favorite book or your imaginary book (like the one you made for Young Author Contest) and submit it before May 1, 2008. Entries will be on display for every one that comes to Centerville Library to judge. Winners will be announced on May 15, 2008, followed by a celebration party for all the participants on May 20.

For contest guidelines and the entry form please click here.

Start drawing your book cover now!

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Here is your weekly update on upcoming book to film adaptations. As usual, if you have news about any projects of this ilk, please let us know.

* Neuromancer by William Gibson is currently in pre-production. There is no specific release date for this film yet, merely the year 2009. Currently it looks like Hayden Christensen will be playing the lead.

* Lord Dunsany’s My Talks with Dean Spanley is currently being filmed as Dean Spanley, and will be appearing in the UK at some point this year. (thanks to bwlass for giving us the heads up.)

* It looks like Frank Herbert’s Dune is going to make the transition to film once more. Currently this project is listed as “Announced” with a release date in 2010.

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I read Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman a while ago, and I really enjoyed its Romeo and Juliet dynamic. (The son of a big time mobster and the daughter of an FBI agent fall in love, and it ends up being not as straightforward as you’d think.) I also think that it would make an entertaining film. Mostly though, I love the cover art. This is a book that gets checked out a moment after you put it on the display. I know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but…well I did. The use of color and and the figure’s stance really draw the eye to the roses that are held like a gun. How cool is that? The best part is that the cover really reflects the story itself. Anyway, this is one of my favorite covers, so, I thought I’d share it with y’all.

Like what you see? Why not place a hold on the book?

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