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It seems like there are more books being made into films all the time. Here are a few more book adaptation projects on the horizon.

The Thirteenth Hour by Richard Doetsch, which isn’t even coming out until December 2009, is a time travel thriller. It is currently “in development” with a release date sometime in 2011.

They’re calling it “the next Twilight.” Beastly, by Alex Flinn, tells the story of Beauty and the Beast from a more modern context, and from the Beast’s point of view. The Beast, in this case, being a Manhattan Private school student. The film is currently in pre-production and due out in 2010.

Alex Proyas (Dark City) has stated his interest in bringing Robert Heinlein’s The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag to the big screen. The director was surprised to discover, upon re-reading the book for the first time in twenty years, how much it has influenced his work. The film is currently listed as “in development” with a stated release date in 2011.

What else is Alex Proyas up to? Well, he’s working on adapting John Christopher’s Tripods books into films. “The Tripods” will be the film adaptation of The White Mountains, the first book in the trilogy. He hopes to make all three books into films, but the first will be shot independently, just in case that isn’t possible. “The Tripods” is currently listed as “in development” and has a stated release date of 2012.

Chris Gall’s book, Dinotrux, is coming out in April, and already DreamWorks has optioned it for the purposes of making an animated film. The IMDB does not yet have a listing for the project, so if you would like more information check out this article over on SciFiWire.

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A new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been released. This one is a wee bit darker than the others I’ve seen. It makes me want to see the film *now*. Still a few months yet. Sigh.

New Half Blood Prince Trailer:

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Thursday Thirteen #58

Nearly everybody loves a good mystery. You may be a fan of the cozy. You may prefer a thriller. Whatever your preference, it’s always nice to get a recommendation for a new mystery you might enjoy. For this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I offer you 13 mysteries that I recommend. If you want to know what mystery comes next in the series you are currently reading, or you would like a read-alike for your favorite mystery, may I suggest Stop You’re Killing Me.com (a website with a wealth of mysterious information.)

What is your favorite mystery?

A Mysterious List:
1. The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie R. King
2. The Cater Street Hangman by Anne Perry
3. The Fear Sign (a.k.a. Sweet Danger) by Margery Allingham
4. Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters
5. Aunt Dimity’s Death by Nancy Atherton
6. Cut to the Quick by Kate Ross
7. The Unforgiving Minutes by Mary Monica Pulver
8. Crewel World by Monica Ferris
9. A Pint of Murder by Alisa Craig
10. The Family Vault by Charlotte MacLeod
11. Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers
12. Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod
13. The Grub and Stakers Move a Mountain by Alisa Craig

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wrinkleintimeCurrently I am taking a course on the Newbery Medal. This is an award given every year to a notable children’s book.  I just had the great pleasure of rereading the 1963 winner, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle.
  Meg Murphy just doesn’t fit  with the rest of her classmates.  she is seen as a bad tempered trouble maker.  Meg’s family thinks she will someday  do great things, but for now this isn’t helpful.  Having perfect twin brothers,and a genius baby  brother, doesnt’ help either. 
The story begins with the classic line “It was a dark and stormy night” . On this stormy  night, a stranger knocks at the door.  She and older woman , who seems a bit discombobulated.Maybe that’s because she isn’t exactly  from earth.  Thus begins the search for Meg’s missing father – all over the universe. 
If you have never read it, this is a book that stands the test of time.  If you read it as a child , I encourage you to revisit this book and find out what you remember and what you missed. Look for a copy here.

If you are interested in a list of Newbery Winners, look here

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March is:


Did you know? March is:

  • Humorists are Artists Month
  • International Ideas Month
  • International Mirth Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National On-Hold Month

Source: Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009

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