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1. August 29 is More Herbs, Less Salt Day. Sounds tasty to me.
2. National Holistic Pet Day is August 30 and also the birthday of Cameron Diaz (38).
3. September is: Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month, Fall Hat Month, Go Wild During California Wild Rice Month, International Strategic Thinking Month, Library Card Sign-Up Month, National Chicken Month, national Coupon Month, National Honey Month, National Mushroom Month, National Piano Month, National Rice Month, Shameless Promotion Month, and Subliminal Communications Month.
4. September 1 is National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day, the first day of International Enthusiasm Week, and the birthday of: Gloria Estefan (53), Barry Gibb (64), and Lily Tomlin (71).
5. September 3 is National Lazy Mom’s Day. Not a day celebrating lazy moms, but rather a day for busy moms to be lazy.

Source: Chases’s Calendar of Events 2010.


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1. August 22 is Be An Angel Day and the birthday of: Tori Amos (47), Ray Bradbury (90), Giada De Laurentiis (40), Valerie Harper (69), E. Annie Proulx (75), and Norman Schwarzkopf (76).
2. August 24 is Vesuvius Day (I just going to be geeky and call this Volcano Day, ok?) and the birthday of: Stephen Fry (53), Rupert Grint (22), Steve Guttenberg (52), and Marlee Matlin (45).
3. August 25 is Kiss-And-Make-Up Day, National Secondhand Wardrobe Day, and the Birthday of: Tim Burton (52), Sean Connery (80), Elvis Costello (56), Frederick Forsyth (72), Monty Hall (87), Regis Philbin (77), Rachael Ray (42), Claudia Schiffer (40), and Gene Simmons (61).
4. August 26 is Women’s Equality Day and the birthday of: Macaulay Culkin (30), Geraldine Ferraro (75), Branford Marsalis (50), and Chris Pine (30).
5. August 28 is Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day! Don’t forget to limber up your hands first.

Source: Chases’s Calendar of Events 2010.

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1. It’s Weird Contest Week! (And National Aviation Week)
2. August 15 is Best Friend’s Day, National Relaxation Day, and the birthday of: Ben Affleck (38), Princess Anne (60), and Debra Messing (42).
3. August 18 is Bad Poetry Day. Ladies and Gentlemen, get out your pens…
4. August 20 is National Men’s Grooming Day. I say get out there and have fun with your facial hair.
5. On August 20, say Happy Birthday to: Misha Collins (36), Amy Adams (35), Connie Chung (64), Robert Plant (62), and Al Roker (56).

Source: Chases’s Calendar of Events 2010.

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Fremont Main Library Reroof Project Begins

The City of Fremont Library Re-roof project will remove the 20+ -year-old original tar and gravel built-up roofing that has been leaking, and install a new cool roof. The project begins on August 18, 2010. Construction is scheduled for 90 days. Alameda County’s General Services Agency is performing an energy audit at this time, and plans to install energy efficiency measures, possibly including rooftop solar panels, after completion of the re-roof. The projects will result in reduced utility and maintenance costs for the City and County.

Work hours are from 6 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., and no work is being performed within the building. Although work hours have been scheduled as early as possible in order to avoid the library’s open hours, there will be some inevitable noise during the course of the project. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the City of Fremont’s Project Manager, Joel Pullen, at jpullen@fremont.gov.

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Have you heard? The Fremont Main Library is changing its Wednesday Hours:

Hours As of Sept 5th:
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 1 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Tuesday: 1 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Wednesday: noon – 6 p.m.
Thursday: 11a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday: 11a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday: 10a.m. – 5 p.m.

Well…now you know.

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So many people were born in August…
1. August 8 is Happiness Happens Day, Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbors’ Porch Night, and the birthday of: Keith Carradine (60), Dino De Laurentiis (91), The Edge (49), Roger Federer (29), Dustin Hoffman (73), Connie Stevens (72), and Esther Williams (87).
2. On August 9, say Happy Birthday to: Gillian Anderson (42), Eric Bana (42), Melanie Griffith (53), Whitney Houston (47), and Audrey Tautou (34).
3. August 10 is the start of Elvis Week in Memphis, TN, and also the birthday of: Ian Anderson (flute-player extraordinaire- 63), Rosanna Arquette (51), Antonio Banderas (50), Jimmy Dean (82), and Eddie Fisher (82).
4. August 12 is Vinyl Record Day (I have Jethro Tull – Songs from the Wood, what about you?) and also the birthday of: Jim Beaver (50), Casey Affleck (35), William Goldman (79), George Hamilton (71), and Ann M. Martin (55).
5. August 14 is National Garage Sale Day, Navajo Nation: Navajo Code Talkers Day, Sandcastle & Sculpture Day, and the birthday of: Halle Berry (42), David Crosby (69), Magic Johnson (51), Gary Larson (60), Steve Martin (65), and Danielle Steel (63).

*whew* Busy week.

Source: Chases’s Calendar of Events 2010.

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Here is the August 2010 update on the current status of the “books to film” projects that have been mentioned on this blog to this point. I will attempt to do this once a month in order to follow each film until it reaches DVD. Please remember that release dates are subject to change, and that sometimes “Announced” and “In Development” films never get made, more’s the pity. In other news, have you noticed that Brad Pitt is currently linked to 28 projects that are in development, many of which are book adaptations?

As always, if you have any news about an upcoming book to film adaptation, please comment and let me know.

The current “books to film” list:

1776: In development with a release date sometime in 2011.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter: In pre-production with a 2011 release date.

The Adjustment Bureau: In post production and due in U.S. theaters on 4 March 2011 .

Airborn: In pre-production with a 2011 release date.

Airman: In development with a release date in 2011.

The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel: In development with a 2012 release date.

The Art of Racing in the Rain: In development with a 2012 release date.

The Associate: In development with a theoretical 2012 release date.

Atlas Shrugged: This film is finally in post-production. Release date is still listed as 2011. (Paul Johansson is John Galt. That answers that question. 😉 )

Avalon High: In post-production, and due this year on the Disney Channel.

Beastly: Due in U.S. theaters on 18 March 2011.

The Bell Jar: In pre-production with a theoretical release date in 2012.

The Big Short – Inside the Doomsday Machine: In development with a 2012 release date.

The Boggart: In development. US theatrical release sometime in 2011.

Born to Rock: Announced with a release date sometime in 2010.

The Box of Delights: In development with a theoretical release date in 2011.

Breaking Dawn – Part 1: In pre-production with a release date of 18 November 2011.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2: In pre-production with a 2012 release date.

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Are you ready? This is going to be a big one.

1. August is: American Adventures Month, Audio Book Appreciation Month, Happiness Happens Month, National Inventors’ Month, National Panini Month, National Win With Civility Month, and What Will Be Your Legacy Month.
2. It’s Psychic Week. (Please remember that with great power comes great responsibility.)
3. On August 3, say happy Birthday to: Tony Bennett (84), P.D. James (90), Martin Sheen (70), and Martha Stewart (69).
4. August 5 is National Underwear Day. You have been duly warned.
5. National Mustard Day is August 7. This is one day that I am totally planning on celebrating.

Source: Chases’s Calendar of Events 2010.

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