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Art is Education graphic

In honor of Art IS Education 2011, Alameda County Library presented  Art IS Education events for youth and families at ten branches. 

Art IS Education is an annual showcase of arts learning in Alameda County schools in March during national Arts Education Month. 

The Library worked in partnership with the Alameda County Arts Commission and the Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership to expand the reach of Art IS Education to library patrons.

Watch for more exciting arts-oriented library programs in the coming months.


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Consumer Health Toolkit

While it is intended for library staff, consumers can certainly find a wealth of valuable information in this toolkit.  For instance, in the Health Resources section, there are Directories of Health Organizations and Physicians, Health Information for Special Populations (e.g., American Indian Health, Arctic Health and Asian American Health). 

Advice is available on fitness, nutrition and environment in the Healthy Living section.  The Stages of Life  section breaks down into Children & Adolescents, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, and Seniors and Healthy Aging. 

Moreover, an assortment of chronic conditions is featured in the Preventing and Living Well with Chronic Conditions section, e.g., Alzheimer ’s disease, asthma, HIV/AIDS, Cancer  and what not.

Treatment and Care section consists of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Herbs and Supplements. 

Evaluating Health Information section would be of particular interest. 

The Consumer HealthToolkit  can be found in the Toolkit section on our Health and Medical Information Page at: http://www.library.ca.gov/lds/docs/HealthToolkit.pdf#search=consumer%20health%20toolkit&view=FitH&pagemode=none — 2010-09-27

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Do you enjoy playing with babies?  Do you want to  introduce them to the library world by having fun together singing, reading and do some body movement? 

We are recruiting more volunteers to expand our very popular storytimes for the very young.  If you are interested in learning how to lead storytimes for babies and their mothers, please contact the Children’s Desk at (510)745-1421 during the library open hours or you can send an email to jtsou@aclibrary.org.  These storytime for babies will be running once a week for about 40 minutes each time in every other month.

The upcoming training sessions are scheduled  on two consecutive Tuesdays, 4/12 and 4/19 at 2-4 p.m.

Come and give it a try.  Believe me, it’s rewarding to see the smiles on the babies’ faces.

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Golden Gate Bridge turns off it's lights during last year's Earth Hour

Did you know that today is a special day?  Join millions of people around the world as we celebrate Earth Hour at 8:30 p.m. local time by turning off our lights for one hour.  It’s a way to show our commitment to doing our part to live a life that supports the sustainability of our earth. 

Earth Hour was created by the World Wildlife Fund back in 2007, and every year more and more people participate in it. Working together we can make our earth a better place to live and to pass on to our children and grandchildren.  Here is a quote from the local website:

“Every year Earth Hour asks individuals, businesses and communities worldwide to show their commitment to the environment. This Earth Hour, we hope you will turn off your lights. But when the lights go back on, we want you to go beyond the hour and think about what you can change in your daily life that will benefit the planet. Let’s work together to create a better future. Our actions can add up.”

Go the website and learn all about all the things you can do to help save our planet!


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So it is Raining

I guess we should have fun with it

Don’t want to go out in the rain ? Why not pick up a copy of the dvd at the library?

Prefer a more modern version of the same song and dance?

And yes , we have both DVDs and CDs from Glee.

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When I was young, I watched Star Trek, never missing a single show.  I can name the episode within two minutes.   So, of course, when I heard the 45th Anniversary Convention would be March 11, 12 and 13  I bought my tickets to my first  Star Trek Convention and waited for the weekend to come.

The Captains

It was fun to share a common love with other fans of the show. Being my first Convention I didn’t know what to expect but I printed out my daily schedules and decided what I wanted to do.

 Gene Roddenberry’s assistant, Richard Arnold, told us lots of juicy tidbits about our series. The most interesting being the show was pitched to the studios as “Wagon train to the stars”. The first considerations for Captain Kirk were Jack Lord and Lloyd Bridges. Star Trek was the first one hour show in color.

Grace Lee Whitney (Yoeman Rand) appeared and told of her days acting with Marliyn Monroe. Nichelle Nichols, the Duras sisters, and Leonard Nimoy appeared on Saturday. The Duras sisters (Gwynyth Walsh and Barbara March) were in full Klingon costumes and bantered back and forth, it was very entertaining. 

Nichelle spoke of the studio buying out her contract after the first day of rushes because they thought the communication officer would be a white male. Roddenberry  got around the studio by hiring Nichelle as a day player every day for the first two seasons until the studio gave her back a contract in the third season.  Martin Luther King  told her that she was making a positive difference on TV . He also told her that Star Trek was the only show he allowed his children to stay up so late to watch. She stayed and is proud of her part in changing TV history.

Leonard Nimoy was my highlight of the Convention.   His first job after coming to Hollywood was scooping ice cream. Later he drove a taxi where he was called on to pick up Mr. Kennedy at a hotel. He recognized the man also from Massachuettes, it was JFK. He said hello Mr. Senator and they spoke. JFK told him “as in politics in acting there is always room for one more good one”. This motto and the idea of honor became the ideals of Leonard’s life.

For awhile Star Trek faded but with the success of Star Wars and George Lucas all things “Space” became popular again and Paramount decided it was time to create the Star Trek movies and they were so right.

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Preschool Crafts

Preschool crafts is a popular program for children ages 3-5 here at the Fremont Library. Want to join in the fun? Stop by this month on March 30th at 12:45 pm to pick up your FREE tickets for admittance into the program. Tickets will be available at the Children’s Desk starting at 12:45 pm. We have tickets available for the first 50 children. Program starts at 1 pm and will last approximately one hour. As part of the Art is Education program, we will be making egg carton flowers for our March craft. Each child will get to make a few “flowers” so that they will have a small bouquet to take home at the end of the craft.

**Please be on time if you wish to participate as we will close the doors at 1:10 pm. Most of the crafts take at least 20 minutes to complete.**


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Art display

If you have a chance, stop by the Children’s area at the Fremont Library to see the art display that’s currently up. On display are paintings created by students at the Kalamandir Art School here in Fremont. The pieces are quite lovely and very colorful. The display is up in the children’s computer room and will be up throughout March.

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We have planned a number of job related workshops which will give you an overview of the library’s published and online resources and the best web sites to help you find, research, and organize information to get that job. Each workshop has a handout which will outline the topics covered.

Job seekers today have many workshops and resources available in the community but the library is unique in that we actually provide printed materials and databases which are not available anywhere else. Specific personal resume training can be obtained at the Tri-City One Stop Career Center located in Newark and Fremont. Understanding the resource materials provided in these sessions at the library and getting specific training at One-Stop will cover the most important aspects of your job search.

During the upcoming sessions you will need to get acquainted with our web-site, our catalog and our databases.  In order to use some databases or to check out books you will need to get a library card.  Remember everything in this library is free (library cards, library materials, seminars and workshops) except making photo copies.

So, come and join us and learn new strategies to land that job.

March 7:           Career Information

March 14:         Networking

March 21:         Hidden Jobs vs. Advertised Jobs

March  28:        Researching Companies and Industries

April 4:              Salary Search/Support Groups

Find out more detail by sending e-mail to: grooshan@aclibrary.org or call 510-745-1440.

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Spring is Here!

Jan Brett Easter page

Hi Parents: I thought you may enjoy a coloring page for Spring for your little ones from the author/writer Jan Brett’s site. If you want more, her site is http://www.janbrett.com/. Have a fabulous Spring!! (It’s been a hard Winter.)

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