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Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Daniel Goleman: Emotional intelligence refers to how well we handle ourselves and our relationships, the 4 domains.  Self-awareness, knowing what we’re feeling, why we’re feeling it, which is a basis of, for example, good intuition, good decision-making.  Also, it’s a moral compass.  Say, in part, is self-management, which means handling your distressing emotions in effective ways so that they don’t cripple you, they don’t get in the way of what you’re doing, and yet, attuning them… to them when you need to so that you learn what you must. Read more… 

Materials on Emotional Intelligence @library

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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce is a short film that has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Animated Short Category for 2012.  Give yourselves 15 minutes to watch it—it’s well worth it:


It’s one of those works which should be enjoyed by every book-lover.  (The book of the same name by Willam Joyce will be coming out July, 2012).

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Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) created Peter Rabbit and his friends in tales she wrote and illustrated.  The movie Miss Potter shows the author’s struggle to escape her parents’ designs for her, her efforts to introduce her literary creations to the world, and finally her success in finding a life of her own.  Just recently I was able to watch the entire movie on DVD.  In one scene, their relationship apparently developing beyond the business of publishing children’s books, Mr. Norman Warne (Ewan McGregor) and Miss Potter (Renee Zellweger) are together alone for the very first time as Miss Potter’s chaperone nods drowsily just outside the room’s open door.  Mr. Warne picks up a music box, hears its music and begins to sing.  Long after I saw this scene unfold and the movie’s credits had stopped rolling, I kept hearing the song in my head.  Listen to McGregor’s “Let Me Teach You How to Dance”, hear Katie Melua’s moving “When You Taught Me How to Dance”, and don’t be surprised if, like me, you find yourself still humming the melody after you’ve left this page.

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Low-return expectations will require investors to pay attention to details

In 2012, we anticipate another volatile year. Corporate earnings are set to slow, yet modest profit growth will likely balance the scales on the positive side. Overseas, a European recession seems inevitable, yet we believe Europe’s leaders will act to prevent financial collapse. Regional diversification will need to be firmly in place, as the economic center of gravity continues to shift eastward because of China and emerging markets. As traditional investments remain flat, alternatives will matter more than ever.

Making gains this year will require an active, global, multi-strategy approach. Identifying outperforming managers in every sector and region will count more than ever. In a world of increased volatility and lower returns, a dynamic approach to investing to take advantage of opportunities will increasingly become the norm for successful investors. Every basis point earned in a 2012 portfolio will need to be well-protected through rigorous, efficient trading and implementation actions. While growth is possible this year, it won’t come easy.

Read the full report:   2012-annual-global-outlook

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