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Fremont Main Library, Fukaya Meeting Room

Five Saturdays Starting January 7, 2017, 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Mark these dates when you can be dancing calories away at the Fremont Main Library.


Mike Quebec

Fitness and dance instructor Mike Quebec leads fun and energetic dance classes for five Saturdays at the Fremont Main Library, part of a series called Fitness @ Fremont Main.  These line dancing and 1950’s style swing dance classes are for all ages, especially mature adults.  Line dancing is at 3:30-4:30 p.m. on January 7 and March 4.  Boppin’ at the Bookshelves (swing classes) will be at 2:30-4:30 p.m. February 25, April 22 and May 27.

The Fremont Main Library, a branch of the Alameda County Library system, is located at 2400 Stevenson Boulevard and is wheelchair accessible.  The Library will provide an ASL interpreter, for any event, with at least seven working days’ notice.  Please call 510-745-1401 or TTY 888-663-0660.

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The Winter Emergency Warming Center will  be open every time it rains or drops below 40 degrees by the City of Fremont in collaboration with Compassion Network CitySERVE.

Location – Senior Center (Wing A), 40086 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538

Volunteers and food donors are needed when it opens.  Please spread the words to anybody who might be interested in being a donor, volunteer; or be in need of this service.

Let’s all have a warm and safe winter!


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Why  do  people borrow  books from  the library ?  Some read a  lot of books and we  have a lot. Borrowing books can  help with  your budget.   Maybe,  you are a reviewer and you  like to  read a few chapters before you  commit to  a book.   Or  you are a taster and you like  to read a little  of this  book and a  little  of  that book….There are all  kinds of reasons to  borrow  from  the library.

We  have  physical  books in  hardback, paperback  and large  type.   If  you  are a commuter, a  walker, or someone that likes to  keep  their hands  busy  you  know that  we  have audio books on CD.   Do you  also  know  that  we  have eBooks  and eAudbioooks?   Yes,  you  can borrow books from  the library  and download  them to  your  computer, tablet  , smartphone or eReader.

Not  everyone likes the idea of eBooks,  but  there are a few  advantages.  The first is  that as long as  your library  card is good and  you  have an internet  connection, you  can get  them  anywhere  and anytime.  So  when  you are on vacation, or  you  can’t  sleep  at  night or you need to research that  technical  question for work , we  are  open.

The second advantage – something you can  not do  with   a printed book- is  change  the font size.  or  even  the font .  Some readers  even  let you  change  the  color of the text  or  background.   There are ways to customize  the book so  it  easier for you  to  read  and less of a strain on  your  eyes.

The third advantage, for both eBooks and eAudiobooks is that  you don’t get overdue  fines.   When  your  time is  up,  the book or audio file  will stop  working. That’s  it.   Most data bases  will give  you an email warning, some even let  you  renew , but  there are  never  fines.

Are  there disadvantages?  yes.   First  your  library  card  ha to  be  up-to-date and  you  have to come in to  see us if  your  card is expired.   Second,  there is  a  learning curve.   Each database works  a  little  differently, so I’d try to  learn one at  a time.  Often there is a piece  of  software that  needs to be downloaded and  another password to create. The  final  disadvantage – is  the same as  using print  books  from  the library.  We only have  so many copies  of  an eBook, so you might have to get on  a  list.

To explore  eBooks  open this Link

And  if  you  have any problems – ask  a librarian  for  help

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