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Did you know that this week (April 15th – April 21st) is National Volunteer Week. It is a chance for organizations to say thank you to their volunteers in appreciation for all of the hard work volunteers do for our community. We would like to take the time to say thank you to all of our wonderful library volunteers here at the Fremont Library (and all of our Alameda County Libraries) for your tireless efforts to keep the library running smoothly. Thank you to our shelvers, our Bookleggers, our computer help, our Homework Center volunteers and coordinator, our storytime readers and everyone else that I’ve left off of this list. We truly do appreciate each and every one of you and your dedication to the library. Without your assistance, the library and it’s programs would not run as smoothly (or in many cases even be possible).


(click here for a note from the President about the volunteers in America: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/04/09/presidential-proclamation-national-volunteer-week-2012)

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Paint Splatter Duck Tape Beach BagStarting in March, and continuing into April, the Library is having Duct Tape Programs.  Tweens age 10-12 will be able to make a wallet or something else fun for themselves ,or for a gift, completely made of duct tape!  Check our Eventkeeper schedule for the program nearest you, and make sure to register your tween.

I know making things out of duct tape has been around for a while, and has become  a craze, especially for tweens and teens.  I’ve even seen “how to do it” lessons on You Tube, so I know it’s big. I started wondering who invented  duct tape and why. 

So, I  turned to the internet and did some research.  According to Duck Brand’s website www.duckbrand.com, duct tape was invented  by Johnson & Johnson’s Permacel Division during World War II to meet the need for a tape that could seal canisters, be used on trucks, repair guns, and windows, etc., and remain strong, flexible and waterproof.  Starting with medical tape as a base,  polycoat adhesives were added along with a polyethylene coating that enabled them to  laminate the  tape to cloth backing.  The result: a three-layer tape that was strong, durable, flexible and could repel water! Thus the product was named “Duck tape“, and it was originally green.  

Later, duck tape started to be used for household purposes like repairing duct pipes, and was changed into the familiar gray “duct” tape we usually think of to match.   In the 1970’s, Manco, Inc. changed the name back to Duck Tape and put Manco P.  Duck on their logo giving something ordinary some personality. They also put the duct tape in shrink wrap which made it easier to stack for retailers.  As they say, the rest is history. The make it-out-of-duct tape craze was born.

Some 70 years after it’s invention the uses for duck tape seem to be endless.  On Duck Brand’s website you can join a duck tape club, and find many step by step duck tape projects ranging from wallets to tote bags to a baseball cap! Duck tape now comes in more than 20 colors and designs. There are even places that will make duck tape to your specifications, thus giving lots of possibilities.  The library has some books on the practical and fun ways you can use duck tape.  In addition to You Tube demonstrations on the internet, you can  see pictures of  duck tape  art.  The Internet’s Duct  Tape Art Gallery, http://www.octanecreative.com/ducttape/dtgallery.html, has some fun and funky, sublime and extreme examples of  duck tape art.  Check it out if you have some time, there are many pages,  and parents may want to check it first to make sure if it is suitable for children.  Don’t forget to register your Tweens for our library programs, and if you are intrigued, learn about duct tape for yourself.  Go! Make something useful or just plain fun out of duck tape!

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Happy Art IS Education month!  To celebrate youth arts learning, all the branches of Alameda County Library are presenting a total of more than 50 art events for kids, teens and families.  At Centerville Library, we have two art-making programs, one for kids and one for teens.

Both programs will take place on Tuesdays, March 6, 13, 20 from 2-6 pm.  Stop by anytime during these hours, no registrations are required.

Hand-in-Hand Paper People

This program is for kids of all ages. Participants will have fun decorating a paper cut-out person with crayons and recycled materials and attaching a message about one thing that’s important to creating a better future. All the paper people will be connected hand-in-hand to make a long, free-turning chain for display in the library. The community is invited to bring drawings and photos about the theme “Creating a Better Future Together” to add to the artwork.

Paper Quilt Collage

This program is for teens. Participants will use recycled materials and art supplies to design a personalized paper quilt square. The quilt squares should reflect the theme of “Creating a Better Future Together”. The quilt squares will be joined together to make a community quilt that will beon display in the Teen area of the library.

For a complete list of Art IS Education events at Alameda County Library, please click HERE.

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Another year has gone by.  I’d like to share a video of the major events at our library in 2011.  It was another busy year with many fun and/or educational family activities.  The happy faces in this video make me feel rewarded and look forward to the coming year.  Enjoy the video and have a wonderful 2012!

*Video quality can be adjusted to HD but the playback may lag on some computers.

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As you go about shopping and thinking of gifts to give to your loved ones and friends, please don’t forget those who are less fortunate than you, especially those who are hungry.

You can drop off your food at any of the County libraries: Fremont, Newark, Union City, Irvington, Centerville, Niles, San Lorenzo, Castor Valley, Dublin, and Albany.

You can give food 3 ways:

  • In Library food donations until January 31st – by dropping off the food into food barrels in our libraries
  • Virtual food drive – the link on our website to the Alameda County Community Food Bank for e-donations until January 31st. This is a first time the Alameda County Library System is offering a Virtual Food Drive
  • Food for Fines until December 31st

 If you have any questions as to how this works, please consult our Question and Answer Guide. Food 4 Fines Q & A

Happy Holidays!

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Good news for smart phone users–the Alameda County Library is now mobile!

Take your library wherever you go.  Use the mobile app to search library catalog and place holds, manage your library account, locate libraries and hours, find out library events, ask questions, access library blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Alameda County Library’s mobile app is compatible with most major smart phones, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.  Just search “Alameda County Library” in the Apple App Store, Android Market or Blackberry App World and download it for free.  You may also go to http://acl.boopsie.com via your mobile devices’ Internet browser.

So check it out on your mobile device today!

For more details and FAQs, go to: http://guides.aclibrary.org/mobile

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Is Facebook safe?  As Facebook becoming a huge social networking media among teens, even tweens or younger children if they faked their age (yes, sadly more than 7.5 million kids under 13 are on Facebook), more and more parents are concerned about what their children are doing on this website.  To help parents understand Facebook and learn how to use privacy and security settings so they can advise their children in social media safety, the Centerville Library is offering Facebook Basics classes for parents in multi-languages.  Our first session will be offered in Mandarin on Thursday, November 10 from 1:00 to 2:00 PM.  If needed, a one-on-one appointment with a teen volunteer can be arranged to assist you through the process of setting up a Facebook account.

怎麼辦? 我家的青少年整天掛在Facebook上, Facebook到底安不安全? 您知道嗎? Facebook的人口數, 已使它成為世界第三大國了, 是個”非識不可”的社交網站. 為了因應許多家長的需求, Centerville圖書館決定推出Facebook入門與安全設定課程, 第一場將以中文進行, 歡迎想讓 “擔心” 變 “放心” 的家長踴躍參加!  日期為11月10日, 1:00-2:00 PM.   如有需要, 課後還可另行安排時間, 由青少年義工輔導您建立Facebook帳號.

Centerville圖書館地址如下, 詳情請洽張小姐(Chien), 510-795-2629, email: cchang@aclibrary.org

The Centerville Library is located at 3801 Nicolet Ave., Fremont, CA 94536

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Two MSJHS students made the news at the last School Board meeting.  Sumukh Sridhara and Andrew Han have developed an iPhone app for FUSD.  Called iFUSD, it allows users to more easily access the FUSD website.  This app is free through your Apple apps store.
The article  from the TriCity Voice can be read with these links:
This app will have on-going maintenance and is on the FUSD server to ensure proper messages and information. I feel this is a great tool for anyone having to deal with the ocean of information that is the FUSD website. Truly a great idea and so very easy to navigate. You can call the school with the push of a button, get directions and a map all the schools,  go to I-parent for a quick update of your students grades,  and there are even  links to parent and student resources. Thanks so much from your fans (the overwhelmed parents).
Check it out for yourself you’ll love it.

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Schools in Fremont started last Wednesday.  As you are getting ready for another year of learning, don’t forget to visit your local library.  Besides the many books you can check out, there are programs that may be helpful for you, too!

At Centerville Library, we offer different activities and  programs for different age groups.  Due to the limit of seats, some programs require sign-ups and they are all being accepted starting the first day of this month until full. 

🙂 Volunteer opportunities for teens

We are currently recruiting qualified teen volunteers for our 5th year of Read-With-Me and Read-To-Me reading programs.  These programs have been Centerville Library’s most popular on-going ones.  We are looking for responsible teens who are interested in working with children.  Click on this link for details.

🙂 Read-With-Me Reading Program for children grades 1-6

This is an one-on-one reading programs for elementary children.  Children meet with their trained teen helper very week to improve reading.  Up to 57 seats may be available but because it is so popular that 37 sign-ups have alreday been received on September 1, the first day of registration.  If you have a child who needs help in reading, please submit your registration form as soon as possible.

🙂 Preschool Storytime Plus and Mandarin/English Bilingual Storytime Plus for ages 3-6.

Both storytimes include stories, songs, finger plays, crafts, and other activities.  The Preschool Storytime Plus is conducted in English on Tuesdays at 1:30-2:10pm.  The Bilingual Storytime Plus is conducted in both Mandarin and English on Thursdays at 11:30am-12:10pm. Sign-ups are recommanded by calling us at 510-795-2629, or email Chien at cchang@aclibrary.org or Elizabeth at egamell@aclibrary.org

🙂 Kids Book Club for grades 4 and up.

The Centerville Kids Book Club will meet on the second Thursday of each month from 4:30-5:30pm.  We will discuss our current book selection as well as any other books we have read recently.  If you have never been to a book club before, this is a great time to check it out!  Sign up at the Information Desk and pick up our current book selection. Our book selection for October is:  Masterpiece  by Elise Broach

For a complete list of Centerville Library’s programs, please take this LINK.

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The 9-week “One World, Many Stories” summer reading game started on June 13 and will be coming to an end on August 13.  To celebrate this international theme, Centerville Library added a little taste of other cultures in many of our summer events.  At ventriloquist Tony Borders’ show, his cool and crazy critters from around the world brought kids a very fun time full of facts about animals from different continents.  Gary Lapow’s show made a houseful of kids laugh, dance, and sing “All around the world” with sign language.  Magician Dan Chan stunned the audience with his amazing tricks and “Bian Lian” (face-changing), a Chinese national secret dramatic art.  The week after the second Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie came out, we held two Jeopardy games for kids to see how much they know about the world of wizards and witches. Then last week, 250 kids participated in the International Crafts and Games Day, and went home with hands full of world crafts and their names translated into other languages.  What a wonderful reading theme and cultural summer!  To see pictures or videos of Centerville Library’s summer events please visit our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/CentervilleLibrary or click on the direct links below:

We will have  another summer program on August 4 featuring Thomas John, a very funny juggler.  It will be held outdoors in the library’s patio.  Don’t miss Centerville Library’s last show of the summer! 

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