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Ah, the trials of an imaginative, resourceful and thoroughly independent minded, yet vastly misunderstood genius. Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter have combined to create an ingenious and yet unwittingly nefarious heroine who has, among other things, the idea to staple her brother’s hair to his pillow, to tell her brother’s fortune (he’s soon going to be eaten by hyenas), to walk backwards to school, and to set Joey Whipple’s shoe on fire. The list of her trespasses goes on and on. One begins to think that her ideas are perhaps not as guileless as she would like us to believe. Has our nameless narrator learned her lesson by the end of the story? Hardly. But just what deliciously dastardly deeds she has up her sleeve is anyone’s guess. Who knows what other 17 things she may soon not be allowed to do anymore?

Check holdings or place a hold.

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