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You probably know this one already. Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped near a South Lake Tahoe schoolbus stop in 1991 when she was 11 years old, and for 18 years she was subjected to rape, manipulation and verbal abuse.  In captivity she gave birth to two daughters fathered by her kidnapper Phillip Garrido, a registered sex offender whom corrections officers supposedly were monitoring. In 2009 a Berkeley campus officer who saw Garrido with his two daughters called his parole officer, starting a chain of events that eventually led to the return of Dugard to her mother and the conviction and sentencing of Garrido to life in prison and his wife Nancy Garrido to 36 years to life for the 1991 abduction. The Berkeley officer has said that, as a mother, the girls’ behavior with Garrido appeared odd to her.

Dugard kept a secret journal while she was held captive.  She shares her remarkable story of hope and survival in her book, A Stolen Life. In an interview, Dugard tells Diane Sawyer she did what she had to do to survive.

The California Department of Justice’s Megan’s Law web site provides access to information on more than 63,000 persons required to register in California as sex offenders.

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