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Finally, the media is making a movie to create awareness of the dramatic global phenomenon of the extinction of many of the earth’s species.

The New York Times article is based on the release of two movies on similar missions “Racing Extinction” and “This Changes Everything,” both exploring the devastation humanity has wrought on the natural world. Both films offer messages of hope, profiling people who have helped stop, animal by animal, acre by acre, the pillaging of wildlife and land.

This will be a global event. On December 2, the Discovery Channel plans to broadcast it in prime time in about 220 countries and territories. We have to say to the world and to each other ‘For a moment, stop, and look at the issues that the film raises.’

Promoters and Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder and his company Vulcan, are pushing for laws banning the trafficking of endangered species, among other initiatives, and exhorted, via social media and a website, supporters to do the same. Director Psihoyos is professing that each voice and each act, no matter how small, counts. Outrage generated by his movie “The Cove” helped reduce dolphin killings in Japan to 6,000 a year from 23,000.

The same concern led to the photo exhibit at the Fremont Main Library showing the beauty of the African Grey Parrot thriving in the wild in Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo. Being exploited by the government and illegal traders the parrots are trapped in nets, bound to each other wing to wing, then stuffed by the hundreds into crates. Half of the parrots die in transport.

The legal quota is 5,000 parrots a year from the Congo and 7,000 from Cameroon. These countries can no longer sustain this kind of trade, the parrots are near extinction. The cruelty to these birds is extreme and unnecessary, the number exported are in the thousands, and their habitats are being destroyed. This lucrative trade points to the greed of the Congolese government and that of illegal traders. The birds who survive are exported mostly to Asia and the Middle East. Europe has agreed to ban imports.

How can you help?

If greedy governments cannot be stopped, then petitions sponsored by the World Parrot Trust and FLY FREE can make a difference. Help petition CITES to stop the imports into their member countries. CITES is an organization of governments who propose to protect nature and wildlife on earth. They need to be convinced of the necessity to stop this greed and brutality.

Birds belong in nature, they need to be wild and free, they need to fly and thrive, not end up in our cages for our amusement picking their feathers and mutilating themselves.

Come see our exhibit and be a witness to the sadness we have inflicted. Help those innocent lives who cannot help themselves.

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