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Recently I’ve read two books, one recommended to me by a stranger i the library and the other by a coworker. They were very different books, but one word that describes both of them is ‘charming’.

The  sweetness  at  the bottom  of  the  pie is  a  mystery  novel  set  in England, 1950. Alan Bradley introduces Flavia de Luce an 11-year-old girl with an interest in chemistry and a passion for poison. When she finds a dead body in the garden and then her father is accused of murder , there is nothing for her to do , but solve the crime.

The marriage bureau for rich people is a very different story . A retired gentleman in India decides to open a marriage bureau . He is very successful and hires an assistant with a secret. I’d say that is where , the fun begins, but the book is fun from the beginning,  full of  interesting characters.

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