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Ears are Beautiful

dog_eared_jacketOtis is a happy dog. He goes for walks with Lucy, plays with his friend Max, chases the neighborhood cat, and eats treats by the basketful — okay, maybe not so many treats — but the point is, life is good. Otis is happy. At least until, as he’s walking home one afternoon, some big bully dog pushes into him and calls him big ears. Big ears? Now Otis does have big ears; but is that really such a bad thing? Otis has never really thought about it before, but now he thinks that, yeah, maybe it is. Will Otis ever feel good about himself again? With Dog Eared, Amanda Harvey has given us a lovely and gently humorous reminder that what others say about us really doesn’t matter, it’s how we feel about ourselves, on the inside, that makes all the difference in the world.

Place a hold here.

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