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A colleague of mine just came back from a trip to New York state. She brought back a couple of pamphlets about New York state apples and some apple facts. I love eating a nice fresh apple. I especially love an apple with a tuna sandwich. I thought what better thing to write about than apples in the fall? Officially, October is National Apple Month, but since fall is apple harvest time I think this is still a great time to celebrate the apple.

The pamphlets my colleague brought back talked about all the variety of apples that are a specialty in New York State. I thought we must grow apples right here in California, so I headed to my computer to check it out. I found there is a California Apple Commission,

http://calapple.org/?n=1&id=1 , that is full of interesting facts. A few I found interesting: crabapples are the only apple native to North America, apples are fat and sodium free, it takes 2 pounds of apples to make one 9-inch pie, most apples are still picked by hand in the fall, apples are a member of the rose family, and one for Thanksgiving, the pilgrims planted the first United States apple trees in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. If you are interested there’s a lot of more to be found on their website. There is an Education section with teaching materials, coloring pages and games.

If you visit the U.S. Apple Association , http://www.usappleblog.org/, you’ll find apple facts about different regions, including California. Did you know that California is the 5th largest producer in the United States? I also found that California apple growers specialize in four varieties: Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith and Pink Ladies. When you visit there, you will find some great apple recipes. One that caught my eye is Bacon “n Apple Cheeseburger sliders -Yum! Here is a link to that recipe http://www.usappleblog.org/2011/08/featured-recipe-bacon-n-apple-cheeseburger-sliders/. Enjoy!

When you visit the library you will find many books on the story of Johnny Appleseed, who is said to have planted appleseeds everywhere he went. You’ll also find some great storybooks and fact books about apples, http://encore.aclibrary.org/iii/encore/search/C%7CSapples%7COrightresult%7CU1?lang=eng&suite=def . Explore the world of apples and don’t forget: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

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