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Look at this poster. It’s not a ordinary poster, it’s a video poster. Click on it and watch the kids talking about their favorite books.

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Kevin was just an average kid. He did ok in school, but not great. He wasn’t the best at sports, but he wasn’t picked last either. It was Monday.Nobody was home. His best friend had guitar lessons and a dentist appointment. So there was nothing for Kevin to do but homework. Kevin threw a ball against the wall behind his desk. Thwonk, thwonk, thwonk – whoosh . Kevin looked up. His baseball ball cap , which had been on his head only seconds before was now pinned to the wall above his desk with an arrow. He turned and half hidden behind his bed was a stranger.

“Who are you and how did you get here?” asked Kevin.

“I was riding my tiger, lost my balance, fell off and landed here,” replied the stranger.

The stranger is from an ancient Korean kingdom and Kevin needs to help him get back to his time before history is changed forever.

Join the Centerville Library Kids book club on April 17th at 4pm to discuss Archer’s Quest by Linda Sue Park .Contact: Beth Buchanan (510) 795-2629 or email: ebuchanan@aclibrary.org .

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