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August is:


Did you know? August is:

  • American Adventures Month
  • Happiness Happens Month
  • National Inventors’ Month
  • National Panini Month
  • National Win With Civility Month

So…I guess we all need to be happy about our adventures that we undertake while inventing a new panini, and then be civil to our competitors.

Source: Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009

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13 Days of August 2009


Thursday Thirteen #77

This week I’m looking ahead to next month (mostly because I’m taking my vacation then.) So, here are 13 events, one each for the first thirteen days of the month.

August 1-13:
1. It’s National Mustard Day, so get out there and add mustard to things.

2. Celebrate Sisters’ Day by showing appreciation for your sisters, biological or otherwise.

3. Happy Birthday to Martin Sheen. He is 69 today. *yay*

4. Happy Birthday to Barack Obama. He is 48 today. *confetti* *cheers*

5. If you missed the solar eclipse, here’s your chance to catch today’s Lunar eclipse.

6. It’s National Fresh Breath Day! So…maybe avoid garlic?

7. It’s Professional Speakers Day. Not a job that I want, really.

8. Today is Happiness Happens Day, which is ironic as today is also the day I return from vacation.

9. Happy Birthday to Gillian Anderson. She is all of 41 today.

10. Happy Birthday to Antonio Banderas. He celebrates the big 49 today.

11. This is the 25th anniversary of Presidential Joke Day. Remember that “off-the-record” microphone test comment from Ronald Reagan?

12. Today we celebrate Vinyl Record Day. Did you know that I have Jethro Tull’s Songs from the Wood on vinyl? What cool albums do you still have?

13. Alfred Hitchcock was born on this day in 1899. Why not watch one of his films today to celebrate?

Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009

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August is:

Did you know? August is:

  • Happiness Happens Month
  • National Inventors’ Month
  • What Will Be Your Legacy Month
  • American Adventures Month
  • Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

Well…now you do!

Source: Chase’s Calendar of Events 2008

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