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Aunt Dimity and the Duke by Nancy Atherton is the second book in the Aunt Dimity mystery series. A word of warning for those who loved the first book, and are about to move on: this one doesn’t pick up where the last one left off. Instead, it covers the meeting of Emma and Derek, Lori Shepherd’s neighbors. Once you get over this minor shock, however, you will love this book. I actually liked it a wee bit more than the first book. I am particularly fond of Lady Nell and Peter (and Sir Bertram, of course), and they have a great deal to do with this book. They have a hand, along with the Pym sisters, in bringing Emma and Derek together. This mystery has its own touch of the supernatural, even though Aunt Dimity is still alive, and only appears for a bit at the very beginning and the very end. Like its predecessor, Aunt Dimity and the Duke falls firmly in the “cozy” category of mysteries. A couple of the events that occur within these pages are a bit fantastical in nature, but it doesn’t detract from the story. Frankly, I enjoyed it. I would recommend this book to the readers of Aunt Dimity’s Death, and anyone who loves a nice relaxing mystery with a bit of romance thrown in. I’ve read it several times now, and it manages to maintain its appeal under the stress of repeated readings. (Oh, and this one has a recipe for Nell’s Strawberry Tarts at the end.)

Read it for yourself.


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