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Because of its name alone, I’ve always wanted to visit Treasure Island just outside San Francisco but it’s been one of those things, taken for granted because the place is right there and I’ve really had no compelling reason to make the trip.  And then, one evening earlier this month, on our way home after dinner in San Francisco, my husband took a turn off the Bay Bridge, and there we were.   “Treasure Island“, of course, is Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale of pirates and buried gold.  On this Treasure Island, I saw Bliss Dance, the 40-ft dancing female sculpture by Marco Cochrane, first viewed at Burning Man 2010.  Bliss Dance is a light show at night.

My husband had lived on Treasure Island before we were married; now he wanted me to see the view.  I think that was just an excuse for him to stop by the water and to take his place beside others who, like him, wanted to take advantage of the fog-free evening.  Here’s one shot he took (without a tripod, he said proudly) of a wonderland by night, San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.   May your holiday season be just as light-filled and enchanting.

SF Bay Bridge

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