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Everyone knows the story of the boy who cried wolf, right? But what happens when the wolf crier isn’t a boy, but a Betsy, and the wolf isn’t just any old wolf, but a Zimmo? And Zimmo is a hungry wolf indeed, starving actually. He’s so hungry, in fact, that he’s come up with a desperate plane to eat the sheep Betsy has been charged to watch. Zimmo feels just terrible getting Betsy into trouble with the farmers, but he has to eat, right? Trouble is, just when he’s about to get himself a sheep dinner at last, Zimmo smells something else, something far more appetizing and wonderful than wool. What he smells is Betsy’s rhubarb pie, and pie’s better than sheep any day. In a sweet and funny twist on a familiar tale, Gail Carson Levine shows that sometimes a wolf in sheep’s clothing might turn out to be just the opposite, especially when there’s plenty of homemade rhubarb pie to be had.

Place a hold.

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