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Despite  the huge piles of books I have all over the house waiting for me to read them , sometimes I have nothing to read.  I  need inspiration .  Where do I go?  This time, I did some exploring at the Alameda County Library’s Reader’s Corner.   Specifically, I looked at two websites,Fiction_L and Overbooked.

I’ve known Fiction_L  for years.  Some of the book list are older, however they have put together some of the more unusual book lists I have ever seen . Matching Teas with a Good Book and Romance Readings for Guys are two of the more unusual lists you can find on this website.

Overbooked is a new website to me.  What I really like is the  Starred Reviews Lists. Here they have collected all the starred reviews from places like Publishers Weekly , Library Journal , and other  book publications.  For example, here are the starred reviews of Crime Fiction from January to June of this year.

Need a good book to read? Head over to the Reader’s Corner and find some inspiration.


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