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You’ve  heard about a  book and it sounds interesting , but you  still aren’t  sure – you  just  want  a little  more information . Have  you  looked for a  book  trailer?  Book  trailer  are like commercials  for  books.  Sometimes  they  are made  by the author of  the book, but many  times  they are made by fans

here is  an excellent  trailer  for  the  book Graceling :

Or maybe you are waiting for Alexander McQueen : savage beauty and just want a little hint of what is inside:

The easiest way to find a book trailer is to go to you tube and put in an author’s name or a book title , but there are also site on the internet , such as book trailers for all that has lots of book trailers for kid and teen books . Have fun looking for book trailers and maybe even make your own.

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