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When I drove to work today I heard about “smart meters” on the news, which brought me to think of smart phones, smart pills and other “smart” things that people have devised. Are we really smart in a human and humane way?

The other new buzz word “green” that you see on the news, read in magazines and in books, and which is being promoted on television by hefty ads from companies who are trying to be “green”. Are they just mere buzz words?

The more we can define these words and what they mean to the earth’s ecology and people’s health the more aware we will become.

The economic aspect of human ecology and the corporate planet scenario are the driving forces. What can we do? Become aware and educate ourselves.

Librarians are in a good position to promote “green” intelligence. Librarians can spread the word by distributing books, giving green workshops; thereby sowing seeds and educating about the environment.

Some good materials on the subject:

Green Intelligence: creating environment that protect human health, by John Wargo[ 2009]. 363.7 Wargo.

Trading Softly: paths to ecological order. Thomas Princen. [2010] 304.2 Princen.

Our Choice: a plan to solve the climate crisis. Al Gore. [2009]. 363.73874 Gore .

Collapse (videorecording). National Geographic [2010]. DVD304.28 Collapse.


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