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A Kinder Divorce is an educational workshop for people facing divorce or KinderDivorce
separation. Kimberly Parker-Wesley, JD, and Sara Bisikirski, LCSW, co-mediators at California Family Mediation Services, are committed to alternative dispute resolution in their desire to minimize the trauma divorce and other conflicts  can inflict upon families. Come and hear the attorney-therapist mediation team discuss information families need to make informed choices, including:

– the pros and cons of different divorce processes
– options for making adjustments to court orders
– legal, financial & emotional issues surrounding divorce
– community resources available to assist in the divorce process.

The workshop starts at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 22, in Fukaya Room A.  The Fremont Main Library at 2400 Stevenson Boulevard is wheelchair accessible. The Library will provide an ASL interpreter with at least seven working days’ notice. Please call 510-745-1401 or TTY 888-663-0660 for more information.

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Fresh produce is indeed now available at the Fremont Main parking lot on Wednesdays, from noon to 4 p.m.  This started on June 5.

One day in the not so distant future, you’ll be visiting the Fremont Main Library and leaving with a bag full of library items and another bag of fresh produce.  Fremont Main is entering into a partnership with Dig Deep Farms and Produce, a social enterprise and a project of the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League.  The Dig Deep Farms website describes a weekly delivery service of fresh produce; the partnership with Fremont Main Library is a pilot project that will bring Dig Deep produce stands once a week to consumers for the first time.  That those first produce stands will be on library grounds certainly says something of Fremont Main’s role in our community.  So how about that?  With one trip to the library, you will be taking home food for the mind as well as food for the body.  It certainly is a good deal to look forward to.  You’ll know when it’s here.

Dig Deep Farms & Produce

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I was browsing through California Counts, a publication by the California Public Policy Institute and found a publication I wish to share with those who need an understanding of where we are in California, how we got here, and where we are going.

California 2025: Planning for a Better Future
Louise Bedsworth, Tracy Gordon, Ellen Hanak, Hans Johnson, Jed Kolko, Eric Larsen, and Margaret Weston.  January 2011

California’s current economic and fiscal realities make nonpartisan, objective information on the state’s future challenges all the more critical. Understandably, the search is on for immediate solutions to the unprecedented crises we face today. But if the present crises make policymakers shelve long-term planning, the result may be an even more uncertain future for our state.

This briefing kit highlights California’s most pressing long-term policy challenges in eight key areas:

We gratefully acknowledge the support of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation as part of the California 2025 project on the state’s future challenges and opportunities.

 Here is the full report:

 california 2025

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States in the USA (and the Capital):
1. Alabama – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
The Official Renaissance Faire of Alabama is the Florence Renaissance Faire.

2. Alaska – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Browse Alaska State Library’s Digital Photo Collection.

3. Arizona – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Check out the Arizona State Cartographer’s Office.

4. Arkansas – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Lots of nice photos to see in Arkansas.gov’s flickr account.

5. California – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
13 Things On The CA Sate Website

6. Colorado – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
…And some Colorado Weather Cams!

7. Connecticut – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Explore the Connecticut Freedom Trail.

8. Delaware – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Delaware has a Geocaching Trail.

9. District of Columbia – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Go on a Dan Brown inspired tour.

10. Florida – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
The Official State Beverage of Florida is Orange Juice.

11. Georgia – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Check out some podcasts from Georgia Public Broadcasting.

12. Hawaii – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Want to move to Hawaii and need a job? Try the State job listings.

13. Idaho – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Send an Idaho e-Card.

14. Illinois – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Take a virtual tour of the Executive Mansion.

15. Indiana – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Visit the War Memorials.

16. Iowa – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
If you need a map of Iowa, they’ve got you covered.

17. Kansas – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Enjoy some online games for kids related to Kansas.

18. Kentucky – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Did you know? The State Drink of Kentucky is: Milk!

19. Louisiana – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Try out the Louisiana State Symbols Coloring Book.

20. Maine – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Watch some videos about the Maine State Parks.

21. Maryland – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
The Maryland State Sport is: Jousting!

22. Massachusetts – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Visit Old Sturbridge Village. (It’s on my list.)

23. Michigan – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Enjoy the Michigan photo gallery.

24. Minnesota – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Go here to see an interactive map of the Capitol area.

25. Mississippi – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Planning to visit Mississippi? Find a library in the town you’re visiting.

26. Missouri – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Visit the Jesse James Farm and Museum.

27. Montana – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Have you visited Yellowstone yet?

28. Nebraska – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Track Nebraska Legislation here.

29. Nevada – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Learn about Women in Nevada History.

30. New Hampshire – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Need info about New Hampshire? Try the New Hampshire Almanac.

31. New Jersey – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Keep an eye on the Civil War Records Project.

32. New Mexico – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Find our more about Billy the Kid.

33. New York – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
The official state muffin of New York is the Apple Muffin. Color a picture of one here.

34. North Carolina – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Have you been to the Biltmore? It’s beautiful.

35. North Dakota – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Send a postcard!

36. Ohio – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Go here for a guide to running for office in Ohio.

37. Oklahoma – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Send an Oklahoma e-card.

38. Oregon – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Visit the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.

39. Pennsylvania – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Tour the Pennsylvania State Capitol without leaving home.

40. Rhode Island – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Enjoy some fun facts about Rhode Island.

41. South Carolina – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Among the state symbols of South Carolina are the State Sword and State Mace.

42. South Dakota – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Visit the Buffalo in Custer State Park…from a safe distance.

43. Tennessee – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Visit the Tennessee Aquarium. It’s lovely.

44. Texas – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
The official state vehicle is: the Chuck Wagon.

45. Utah – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Check out the official Utah Government iPhone apps.

46. Vermont – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Traveling to Vermont? Find a Farmer’s Market to visit.

47. Virginia – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Check out the YouTube Channels for the different Virginia governmental agencies.

48. Washington – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Planning a visit to Forks?

49. West Virginia – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
Try some Geocaching in West Virginia State Parks.

50. Wisconsin – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
The Wisconsin State Symbol of Peace is: the Mourning Dove.

51. Wyoming – (official site) – (official tourism site) –
This means something.

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Thursday Thirteen #103

I was recently working on a list of Official State Websites (stay tuned next Wednesday for said list if you are interested) and it ocurred to me that it might be fun to surf around on the California State Website and see what kinds of interesting things I could find. Boy howdy. Check out what I found!

13 Things You Can Do With The Official California State Website:
1. Check out a list of free public WiFi Hot Spots.
2. Is “211” service available in your area? Check the N11 Service Directories.
3. Find and Compare schools in your area.
4. Worried about traffic? Check the Caltrans Live Traffic Cams.
5. Follow the state on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.
6. Try e-filing your State Tax Return.
7. Into statistics? Check out the state Demographics.
8. Enjoy podcasts? Try the one from the California State Parks Foundation or Flex Your Power.
9. Find out if the state is holding any Unclaimed Property for you here.
10. Planning a visit to someplace in California? You may need a map of the area.
11. California has an Official State Dance: West Coast Swing Dancing. (The State Folk Dance is Square Dancing.) You can find information about this and other official State Symbols here.
12.Lottery Results are always a popular item.
13. Check the lists of State Holidays and Furlough Fridays to find out if the State Agency you plan to visit is open on the day you were planning to be there.

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Thursday Thirteen #87
It’s October already! Where did September go? Mind you, I’m not complaining, as October is my favorite month. (This might possibly have something to do with my birthday…maybe.) In honor of this spooky month, I have drawn together a list of Thirteen of California’s Haunted Hotels. Personally, I avoid ghosts, but I know that there are some folks who view haunted hotels as vacation destinations. So, here are some places that you may wish to check out.

13 Haunted Hotels in California:
1. The 1859 Historic National Hotel – Jamestown, CA

2. Queen Anne Hotel – San Francisco, CA

3. Cary House Hotel – Placerville, CA

4. The Union Hotel – Benicia, CA

5. Brookdale Lodge – Brookdale, CA

6. Sierra Nevada House – Coloma, CA

7. Fallon House Hotel and Theater – Columbia, CA (they seem to be moving to new management, hence, no direct link.)

8. The Grey Whale Inn – Fort Bragg, CA

9. Holbrooke Hotel – Grass Valley, CA

10. The Groveland Hotel – Groveland, CA

11. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – Hollywood, CA

12. The Queen Mary – Long Beach, CA

13. Hotel Leger – Mokelumne Hill, CA

* Sleeping with Ghosts in California
* Top 10 Most Haunted Places in California

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Thursday Thirteen #70

Recently, I had the opportunity to drive around Fremont and see some of the public art here in town. I had no idea that this place was so full of art. So, here is a wee taster of what is available. All of the names of art pieces that appear below are linked to pictures and a description. I hope that you enjoy the tour.

13 Pieces of Public Art in Fremont, CA:
1. The Fountain of Hippocrene

2. Jamie (at the Fremont Main Library.)

3. Apollo and Daphne

4. Birdbath with Children

5. Dolphins Sculpted

6. Harmony of Shape

7. Children Playing in a Tree

8. Dream Time

9. Penguins

10. Bear and Cubs

11. Girl and Wheelbarrow

12. Acrobatic Figures

13. Dream Voyage (at the Fremont Main Library)

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