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Child Safety Tips


Often times, young children aren’t aware of crime and safety. Kids are more focused on a new video game, riding bikes or playing with their friends. Unfortunately, kids can get hurt and/or become the victim of crime.

Here are some tips to share with your children:

Theft prevention:

  •  Keep track of possessions (bikes, games, sports equipment, and other valuables) – Don’t leave them unattended.
  •  Put bikes away immediately when you get home (use a cable & lock).
  •  Don’t brag and show off money or other valuables.


  •  Always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to be there.
  •  Walk with a buddy or group of friends when possible.
  •  Be aware of who and what is going on around you.
  •  Avoid alleys and shortcuts that take you out of view.
  •  If harassed by someone in a car, turn around and go in the opposite direction.
  •  Pre-plan and know places on your route where you might get help.
  •  If you think you are being followed go to a public place.
  •  Don’t go out at night alone.
  •  Don’t accept rides from someone you don’t know.
  •  Don’t let anyone get too close to you.

Home alone:

  •  Know how to use all the doors, windows, and locks.
  •  Keep doors and windows locked when home alone.
  •  Keep the name and phone number of a trusted adult by the phone, so you have an emergency contact person.
  •  Have an adult or trusted neighbor you can go to, if you must leave the house.

And here are some books for you to teach your children stay safe:

A Smart Kid’s Guide to Avoiding Online Predators / by David Jakubiak

 Say No and Go: Stranger Safety   / by Jill Donahue

Ashley Learns About Strangers  /by Sarah, Duchess of York

I Can Play It Safe / by Alison Feigh

 Safety in your neighborhood / by Lucia Raatma

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