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Thursday Thirteen #29

This week’s Thursday Thirteen is a bit of a follow-up to Monday’s post about books that I *gasp* have not read. This time I am attempting to redeem myself by pointing out some books that I have read.

If you have encountered a “classic” book or piece of popular literature that you have adored, please let me know about it.

Classics I Have Known:
1. The Odyssey by Homer (Read it to annoy my seventh grade English teacher, poor woman. Loved it.)

2. Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott (Read it in seventh grade for fun. Loved it)

3. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad (Had to read this for High School English. Hated it.)

4. The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson (Part of my seventh grade adventure book kick. Loved it.)

5. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (Had to write a poem about it for High School English. It was okay.)

6. The Purgatorio by Dante (I was originally a Medieval Studies Major and I read it for one of my classes. Liked it.)

7. Paradise Lost by John Milton (Still think it should have been called “Paradise Misplaced.” Not too bad.)

8. The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare (Saw the play and liked it so much that I went home and read it. Loved it.)

9. L’étranger by Albert Camus (I’ve never read this in English. It was okay.)

10. Candide by Voltaire (Yes, I went from a Medieval Studies Major to a French Major. Interesting book.)

11. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse (Read it in High School. Found it intriguing.)

12. The Epic of Gilgamesh by someone in Mesopotamia (I wish that the Pre-Assyrian version still existed. Liked it.)

13. Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare (Acted in the play, so there is a special place for it in my heart. I was killed in Act 4, scene 2. A very bloody play.)


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