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College bound?

Join  us  this  Tuesday  at 630  for

College Affordability:


An in-depth presentation on how college finances work and how you can find colleges that will be an excellent financial fit. Topics include: costs of college; expected family contribution; federal and state aid; need-based aid and merit aid from colleges; how to save for college; and strategies for finding great colleges that also fit your family finances.

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Judy Moody in College?

Yes, it’s true, Judy Moody has saved the planet, declared independence, and gone around the world in 8 1/2 days. What’s next you ask? College, of course. And why is Judy going to college? Because of Mrs. Grossman. Mrs. Grossman is taking over class 3T while Mr. Todd is off in Bologna, Italy learning how to be a better teacher. (Isn’t he as great as possible already?) When Judy comes home with a note from Mrs. Grossman that says she needs extra-special help in math (not her favorite subject by far), her parents decide that Judy needs to see a tutor. A tutor? EESH! Judy definitely doesn’t want to go to a tutor. Tutor’s have flash cards; flash cards are for babies. She, Judy Moody, is not a baby and she definitely isn’t in the mood for flash cards. In fact, Judy is in a no-math-mood. All the way to the tutor she is bound and determined to hate math, but then something incredible happens. What is this place with the duck pond and the fountain and the serious library clock tower? College? And who is this super cool girl with green eyes and a messy ponytail? Judy’s tutor? And the Investigation Station? Could these games actually be math? Something tells me Judy won’t be in a bad mood for long. Who knew college (and even math) could be so much fun? Now if only Mr. Todd would come back in a hurry!

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