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Fremont Library has planned a series of six Parenting workshops conducted in Mandarin Chinese in 2014These free workshops are held on Saturdays at 3 pm.  Topics includes:

  • January 18 – Telling Your Child About SEX – When & How
  • April 5 – Positive Discipline
  • June 21 – Communication
  • July 5 – Relationship Boundary
  • Sept 27 – Anger Management
  • Dec 6 – Achieve True success

Lectures will be offered by speakers who are licensed teachers from Herald Family Rebuilding Center located at the Fremont Family Resource Center followed by a Q and A session.  No registration is required.  Please call (510) 745-1421 for more information.

Fremont圖書館將於2014年舉辦一系列的親子教育中文講座.  講座時間為週六下午三點至四點半, 此講座由持有加州教師執照, 現任角聲護家中心主任的周紅女士主講, 周紅有多年教授情緒管理以及親子關係的經驗, 她並將帶來護家親子講師團隊與大家一起研討親子教育的各種議題 講座結束後並有問題解答及分享時間.



  • 1/18/14 – 如何與孩子談性
  • 4/5/14 – 正面的管教方法
  • 6/21/14 – 有效的溝通
  • 7/5/14 – 關係界限
  • 9/27/14 – 憤怒管理
  • 12/6/14 – 品格培養

講座無需報名,免費參加,詳情請電(510) 745-1414 鄒小姐 或電郵 jtsou@aclibrary.org 查詢

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Do animals smile?  Find out here:  http://shine.yahoo.com/event/green/do-animals-smile-2569143/#photoViewer=1 .  The animals in our lives communicate with us all the time, whether in our sleep or in our waking hours.  Oftentimes we talk to them, silently and out loud, and they answer back.  They share their wisdom, but it is up to us to figure out what they are saying.  And our relationships with our non-human friends can be complicated.  Let the Reverend Nancy Schluntz show you how to understand the animals in your life.  Reverend Nancy , an animal intuitive and interfaith spiritual guide, will be presenting “Animals as Pets, Companions and Family Members” at the Fremont Main Library, 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, October 29.  Come, listen and gain insights into the relationship you share with your friends of other species.  Be ready to ask questions and help prepare your special friends for a safe Halloween.   Remember:  1-3 p.m., Saturday, October 29, at the Fremont Main Library.

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