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Many neighborhoods are celebrating National Night Out next Tuesday.  Recently there have been some suspecious activities going on in the community I live in.  Many concerned neighbors are sharing information about community safety.   I think I’ll share what I’ve learned with my library friends here.

Spend some time visiting the Fremont Police Department’s website.  From the website you can report a crime, find crime statistics, know the most-wanted persons, locate sexual offenders, and get the phone numbers and emails of key persons and officers, and find important information about community engagement.  There are two community engagement specialists who will help neighborhoods build collaboration with the Fremont Police Department for better business and neighborhood security. 

Another news is catalytic converter thefts.  The number of this crime is rising.  One of our neighbors had the misfortune of having his catalytic converter stolen from his car recently.  The Community Engagement Specialist responsible for our neighborhood sent us a letter regarding this rising crime.  I am also sharing it here.

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