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June 29, 1999 is another trip into the fantastical imagination of David Wiesner. This time we encounter a young scientist and her vegetable experiment. The results are unexpected…or is it just a coincidence that a huge piece of broccoli lands in Holly’s back yard? The last book that I encountered by Writer/Illustrator David Wiesner was the clever cloud-centric Sector 7. June 29, 1999 is equally unexpected and amusing. I love Holly’s experiment. An illustration of her science project appears on the cover of the book. On the subject of illustrations, I am rapidly becoming a huge fan of Mr. Wiesner’s artwork. It seems that he can draw a believable picture of anything. He can translate the most outlandish idea into a recognizable image. My favorite bit of this picture book is the hiker encountering turnips. It just tickled me. How can you go wrong with an entertaining story and images of floating veggies? I really enjoyed this one. I hope that you will, too.

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Review: Sector 7


Sector 7 by David Wiesner is a story told entirely in pictures about a young boy who befriends a cloud while visiting the Empire State Building. Okay, there are some words in the pictures, but they are along the lines of “Empire State Building” and “Observatory.” As you may imagine, this Caldecott Honor Book contains some very nice artwork. The fantastic world of the Cloud Dispatch Center is not to be missed, especially after our young hero arrives. This story in pictures delights in pointing out the possibilities that exist if you have artistic ability and imagination. I like this book for its sheer cleverness. It is not a storyline that I would have ever considered on my own. Obviously, it would be difficult to read this book to someone for story time, but on the other hand you might ask a child to “read” it to you. You never know what might be seen in the clouds.

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