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13 Detectives/ 13 Authors

Thursday Thirteen #56

Since we had some much fun a couple of weeks ago with a guessing game, this week I’m bringing you another one. Below, you will find thirteen detectives. It is up to you to comment with the authors. I will reveal the answers as they are properly guessed, and at the end of the day I will post all the remaining writers. Have Fun!

And the Detectives Are…
1. Albert Campion – Margery Allingham (Ann)

2. Tommy Beresford – Agatha Christie

3. Lord Peter Wimsey – Dorothy L. Sayers (Fourth Breakfast)

4. Lori Shepherd – Nancy Atherton

5. Sarah Kelling – Charlotte MacLeod (LibrarianSusan)

6. Peter Brichter – Mary Monica Pulver

7. Julian Kestrel – Kate Ross

8. Brother Cadfael – Ellis Peters (Brenda ND)

9. Mary Russell – Laurie R. King (Ann)

10. Amelia Peabody – Elizabeth Peters (LibrarianSusan)

11. Thursday Next – Jasper Fforde (Fourth Breakfast)

12. Hamish Macbeth – M. C. Beaton

13. Goldy Bear – Diane Mott Davidson (LibrarianSusan)

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