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Growing Up in America Exhibit

Check out the “Growing Up Asian in America” display, second floor, Fremont Main Library for the entire month of February.

Growing Up Asian in America is one of the largest celebrations of Asian heritage in America. Every year, over a thousand Bay Area students in kindergarten through grade 12 submit artwork, essays and poems. The 2012 theme was bridges in honor of the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This year’s contestants submitted works about bridges and what they can symbolize or do for us. A bridge can help us cross over an obstacle, like a river or a busy street. It can help us get through a problem or challenge in life. A bridge connects two things—like people, places or ideas. Even a person can be a bridge. You might cross a bridge when you go on a journey or trip, learn a new language, move to a new place or a new school, or make new friends.

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