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Paint Splatter Duck Tape Beach BagStarting in March, and continuing into April, the Library is having Duct Tape Programs.  Tweens age 10-12 will be able to make a wallet or something else fun for themselves ,or for a gift, completely made of duct tape!  Check our Eventkeeper schedule for the program nearest you, and make sure to register your tween.

I know making things out of duct tape has been around for a while, and has become  a craze, especially for tweens and teens.  I’ve even seen “how to do it” lessons on You Tube, so I know it’s big. I started wondering who invented  duct tape and why. 

So, I  turned to the internet and did some research.  According to Duck Brand’s website www.duckbrand.com, duct tape was invented  by Johnson & Johnson’s Permacel Division during World War II to meet the need for a tape that could seal canisters, be used on trucks, repair guns, and windows, etc., and remain strong, flexible and waterproof.  Starting with medical tape as a base,  polycoat adhesives were added along with a polyethylene coating that enabled them to  laminate the  tape to cloth backing.  The result: a three-layer tape that was strong, durable, flexible and could repel water! Thus the product was named “Duck tape“, and it was originally green.  

Later, duck tape started to be used for household purposes like repairing duct pipes, and was changed into the familiar gray “duct” tape we usually think of to match.   In the 1970’s, Manco, Inc. changed the name back to Duck Tape and put Manco P.  Duck on their logo giving something ordinary some personality. They also put the duct tape in shrink wrap which made it easier to stack for retailers.  As they say, the rest is history. The make it-out-of-duct tape craze was born.

Some 70 years after it’s invention the uses for duck tape seem to be endless.  On Duck Brand’s website you can join a duck tape club, and find many step by step duck tape projects ranging from wallets to tote bags to a baseball cap! Duck tape now comes in more than 20 colors and designs. There are even places that will make duck tape to your specifications, thus giving lots of possibilities.  The library has some books on the practical and fun ways you can use duck tape.  In addition to You Tube demonstrations on the internet, you can  see pictures of  duck tape  art.  The Internet’s Duct  Tape Art Gallery, http://www.octanecreative.com/ducttape/dtgallery.html, has some fun and funky, sublime and extreme examples of  duck tape art.  Check it out if you have some time, there are many pages,  and parents may want to check it first to make sure if it is suitable for children.  Don’t forget to register your Tweens for our library programs, and if you are intrigued, learn about duct tape for yourself.  Go! Make something useful or just plain fun out of duck tape!

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