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From Employee to Entrepreneur

Fremont Main Library – Fukaya A Meeting Room

Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

 If you are moving from employee to entrepreneur or would like to start a business, learn from Alan Olsen, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Managing Partner of leading Bay Area accounting firm, Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Company (GROCO), as he provides guidance on what it takes to become and succeed as an entrepreneur.  Alan and his firm have worked with some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world, who have helped build successful companies in Silicon Valley.  The presentation will focus on leadership in business and in personal life.  Alan will outline and discuss the five levels of leadership and provide you with a three step process for getting others to help accomplish your vision.

This event is sponsored by the Alameda County Library and the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.  This event is free.  No reservations are required.

The Fremont Main Library, a branch of the Alameda County Library system, is located at     2400 Stevenson Boulevard and is wheelchair accessible. The library will provide an ASL interpreter for any event with at least seven working days’ notice. Please call 510-745-1401 or TTY 888-663-0660 for more information.

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A series of business seminars will be presented by Alan Olsen, CPA, MBA, and Host of the American Dreams radio show talk about Living the American Dream. Alan is Managing Partner at Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Company (GROCO), a CPA firm in Fremont.

Alan’s recipes for success and leadership are a must for every entrepreneur, business owner, and anyone who wants to be a leader in life and strive for success. Share keys to success for your personal growth and to make businesses thrive during challenging economic times and find out how to overcoming adversity. The American Dream is still possible.

July 29 – Living a Balanced Life
August 27 – Employee to Entrepreneur
September 10 – Self Reliance: Preparing for Life’s Challenges
November 4 – Starting Your Own Business
December 17 – Year End Tax Planning

Sponsored by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Company (GROCO), and the Alameda County Library System. This is a free seminar, no registration is required.

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Whether your own a business or trying to own a business; or if you are thinking of a career change and you want to see how an entrepreneur has managed changes in his life; or if you are thinking of retirement – these seminars with Alan Olsen will give you insight.

 These series of seminars will be helpful not only to business owners, but all who may face the challenges of change.

 Please join us for a series of free seminars on the subject.


Fremont Main Library – Fukaya Meeting Room

Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Alan L. Olsen, CPA, MBA (Tax), and Managing Partner at Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Company (GROCO) and host of American Dreams: Keys to Life’s Success Radio Show, invites you to a series of free seminars to help you make decisions for your business and yourself.

 October 4, 2011        Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur

Are you ready to venture out on an entrepreneurial limb?  Learn about different business structures as Alan discusses how to select the best entity structure for your new start-up.

October 18, 2011      How to Make Your Business Thrive During a Recession

How do business start-ups survive?  Alan will discuss management techniques on how to grow a successful business in our current economy.

November 1, 2011     How to Retire in our Economy

Are you wondering what happened to your 401K plan?  Or maybe you are unsure of how you will retire without social security?  In this seminar, Alan will discuss strategies to prepare for retirement in our economy.

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