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Yesterday , the circus wasn’t here. Today, its  black  and  white tents  fill  the field.  Every one waits for  evening when Le Cirque des Rêves opens  its  gates.   The  circus  is  full of wonder . The  tents  have magicians , a beautiful tattooed contortionist, magical  ice gardens,  and  more.

None of  the circus  guest  know  that  there is a larger story  behind  the circus.  Celia and Marco have  been  trained from childhood by rival  magicians . They  are in a contest , but they don’t know  the rules.   The  circus  is  the game  board.

The pace of  Night  Circus is dream like , meandering and convoluted. Iimaginatively written, this  book  will paint visions across your  imagination.

Look for the book, the audio book, or the ebook.

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