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Beauty and the beast was always  my favorite fairy tale.   A loving but foolish father makes a mistake, that has him giving his daughter to a beast.   We know Beauty  is afraid , but we also know she is a courageous,  generous,and a loving person, not easily  swayed by the material world, or the ever changing physical  appearance of people. We rarely get much of glimpse into the mind of the beast.

In Beastly, we have a modern day story told from the point of view of the Beast. When we meet Kyle Kingsbury, he is the prince of his very upscale private NYC school. Handsome, rich, and very popular. But not so nice. And yes, he is noticed by a witch, who ends up turning him into a beast. Kyle , although abandoned by his ‘perfect’ news anchor father, is not completely alone. He has a housekeeper and a blind tutor to help him. Watching Kyle change is enjoyable ,if occasionally painful. It is nice to be rooting for both the beast as well as the beauty.

The story is romantic, with some nice touches of humor. I really loved the on-line ‘Unexpected Changes chat group’ run by Mr. Anderson.

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