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This week is the 16th annual National Consumer Protection Week.  Actually,  NCPW2014every week should be Consumer Protection Week.  And why not?  We read or hear about massive security breaches that expose our personal information to unpalatable use.  We may be drawn into scams, lured by advertising claims that are too good to be true, that leave us deep in debt, and then we wonder what we can do to protect ourselves.  Educating ourselves is one way.  At the National Consumer Protection Week site, federal, state and local agencies and organizations come together as partners to bring to consumers, as the FTC Consumer Protection Bureau’s director puts it, “practical and timely information to help you recognize and report scams, manage debt, use technology wisely, evaluate products and services, fight identity theft and see the truth behind advertising claims.”  Take a look and learn.

And this being tax season, the California Franchise Tax Board warns taxpayers to be careful of scammers.  Here is the FTB’s Top 12 Tax Scams.

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High-speed Internet connection is now more widely available, and heavy online shopping is no longer limited to the workplace on Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving.  If you are doing any buying from any websites at all, some helpful reminders are provided  here.  The Federal Trade Commission manages OnGuardOnline.gov in partnership with several federal agencies including the departments of Education, Commerce, Justice and Homeland Security, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Explore the site for tips on how to be safe, secure and responsible online.  Facebook users should be particularly interested in the November 29, 2011 blog entry on the agreement Facebook reached with the FTC regarding privacy.

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