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Are you a  long term global investor? Then the global economic update by the IMF should be of concern. Take a look at the statistics:  World Economic Update

If you are trying to keep up with the daily news on the world economy, there is no better way then to visit  the Fremont Main Library where we house the Financial Times at the Periodicals Desk on the 2nd Floor.

See you soon.

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Are you an active investor but do not have enough expert market analysis that you can rely on?

Just stop by the Fremont Main Library and go the 2nd Floor Reference Desk and ask for Value Line. We have both the Blue Chip stocks and the Mid-Cap and Small Cap stocks volumes. You will get an industry outlook and a handy analysis for each company including a forecast of the company’s performance for the next two to five years.

In addition, you can access Morningstar online for mutual fund analysis and portfolio tools. Just go  www.aclibrary.org and use the drop down menu under Research. Choose A-Z Resources, then click on the M and you will see Morningstar on the bottom of the page. You will need an Alameda County Library card to access the data from home.

 Are you an investor? Great! Just come to the 2nd Floor of the Fremont Main Library and ask for these newsletters:

 The Elliott Wave has a monthly financial forecast and analysis of the market.

 Hulbert’s Financial Digest gives you a market sentiment index, a fund scoreboard, and a monthly analysis of the market.

 No Load FundX  Newsletter – lists all kinds of no load funds and their performance.

 The Prudent Speculator has a portfolio builder, recommends stocks, and provides market performance on investments.

 See you soon!

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