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Fremont Main Library is hosting a  free Alameda Country Small Business Development Center seminar:





Fremont Main Library – Fukaya Meeting Room

Thursday, May 10, 2012, 8:30 a.m. – 12 Noon


Learn the fundamental of writing an excellent business plan for your specific business.

The business plan is the foundation for profitable growth, raising capital, communicating with employees, vendors and customers.  Without a plan, a business will not be well managed and will not be successful.  This class is a must for businesses in all industries, of all types and at all stages of development.

 This seminar is free to all attendees.  Advance reservations are required.  Refreshments will be served.  Register on-line at www.acsbdc.org/events2.  Sponsored by the Alameda County Library with generous assistance from the Small Business Development Center, the City of Fremont and the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

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An economic forum The Silicon Valley Economy: 2009 and Beyond – Challenges and Opportunities took place on October 24, 2008 at the Fremont Main Library in partnership with the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and the Alameda County Library Foundation.

Addressing a variety of issues relevant to today’s economy and other timely topics renowned keynote speaker Dr. Russell Hancock, President and CEO of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network shared insights and information that will impact your outlook for the economy in 2009. Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network is a group of visionary leaders from business, labor, government, the universities, and the non-profit sector who build creative solutions to solve problems in their community, and to work as teams on current initiatives.

Our panel moderator was Jim Cunneen from California Strategies, LLC. Jim served as a California State Assemblyman from 1994-2000 creating a distinguished record on high technology and quality of life issues. He also served as an executive for two highly respected Fortune 500 Companies in Silicon Valley and was President and CEO of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce.

This economic forum consisted of a panel of speakers who are leaders from industry and the business community. Drawing from a wealth of experience the panel shared insights and perspectives about today’s compelling business issues and the shifting economy in the context of our local community. Challenges and concerns specific to the industrial and manufacturing sectors, small business, and real estate, with a perspective on local issues, which will impact the future development of California and the Silicon Valley as a community.

Distinguished panelists included:

Joe Head, President of Summerhill Homes
Dr. Gari Browning, President of Ohlone College
J. Kelly Truman, Ph.D., Vice President of Solyndra
Clark Fuhs, Corporate Marketing Director of Lam Research

Click to play a podcast of the event: Silicon Valley Economy 2009 and Beyond (Duration: 1:25:42)
(Please note: it gets louder after the initial introduction.)

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The Fremont Chamber of Commerce and the Fremont Main Library are co-sponsoring a monthly series of business programs entitled Small Business Solutions at the Fremont Main Library. These programs are made possible through a grant from the Alameda County Library Foundation.

The first seminar in the series, Doing Business in the United States, was presented on February 26 by Alan Olsen, CPA and partner of Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co. Mr. Olsen (pictured at left) discussed tax treaties between countries, legislation and compliances, proper business structure, transfer of assets, and more, to help attendees learn how to achieve future financial success in the United States. The seminar was aimed at offshore investors, non-resident businesses, and new American entrepreneurs and business owners, all of whom need to be familiar with the implications of doing business in the United States.

Alan generously distributed copies of his book Doing Business in the United States. (This book will also soon be available at the Fremont Main Library.)

A podcast of the seminar has been added to the Alameda County Library website under Business and Investments.

Upcoming programs will be announced in the Calendar of Events, the Library Rotator, library fliers, and press releases sent to the media.

– Gertrude

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