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Seeing Santa

i_see_santaImagine the dismay you might feel if everywhere you went (and I mean everywhere) you saw Santa. Would you head for the doctor’s office? Seems like a good idea. And you’d lie down on the couch with a box of tissues while the doctor sat in his large green chair with his back to you. And he’d just listen while you told him all about your little trouble: Santa at the movies, Santa at the skating rink, Santa at the pet store, Santa under the kitchen sink. Santa is absolutely everywhere; he’s even bugged your teddy bear! Now that might be going a bit too far. And what advice do you think the doctor will give you? You’ll have to wait and see. It’s sure to be good advice. Even if he won’t let you see his face. Wonder why that is?
I See Santa Everywhere is a wondeful book to share with your family. It’s a holiday book, yes, but it isn’t too holiday, if you know what I mean. And while Santa is certainly predominant, it isn’t the sort of Santa you’re used to seeing. Glenn McCoy’s drawings have great details that add hilarious commentary to his well-rhymed text; Santa’s disguises are numerous and sure to make you smile. There’s plenty here for children and adults to appreciate. Barbara, one of my colleagues here at the library, gave me this book to read. It made her laugh, it made Gail (another colleague) laugh, and me too. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it as well. Merry Christmas!

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