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Oh No! Miss Nelson, the sweetest teacher in school (who has the most ornery class), is missing. She didn’t come to work today. In her place was Miss Viola Swamp, the meanest substitute teacher in the world. Whatever shall the kids do? Who can help them find Miss Nelson? Will Viola Swamp finally give them too much homework? Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard and James Marshall is another of my favorite picture book classics. The art throughout the book is rather cartoony in style and includes many clever details. For example, the book obviously takes place in Texas, as there is a Texas flag in Miss Nelson’s classroom. Another amusing detail is the sign which appears during one of the theories about where Miss Nelson went, that reads “Sharks (very unpleasant).” (Actually, those of you who are picture book fans will recognize the distinctive style of James Marshall, as seen in the Stupids series.) The storyline is a simple one, and yet it has elements that appeal to both children and the adults reading the book. Lots of read-aloud fun can be gained by doing the different character voices. Miss Nelson is Missing became so popular that it acquired sequels. I have always enjoyed the original best, however.

(Place a hold on the book and read it for yourself.)

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