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Another year has gone by.  I’d like to share a video of the major events at our library in 2011.  It was another busy year with many fun and/or educational family activities.  The happy faces in this video make me feel rewarded and look forward to the coming year.  Enjoy the video and have a wonderful 2012!

*Video quality can be adjusted to HD but the playback may lag on some computers.

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The 9-week “One World, Many Stories” summer reading game started on June 13 and will be coming to an end on August 13.  To celebrate this international theme, Centerville Library added a little taste of other cultures in many of our summer events.  At ventriloquist Tony Borders’ show, his cool and crazy critters from around the world brought kids a very fun time full of facts about animals from different continents.  Gary Lapow’s show made a houseful of kids laugh, dance, and sing “All around the world” with sign language.  Magician Dan Chan stunned the audience with his amazing tricks and “Bian Lian” (face-changing), a Chinese national secret dramatic art.  The week after the second Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie came out, we held two Jeopardy games for kids to see how much they know about the world of wizards and witches. Then last week, 250 kids participated in the International Crafts and Games Day, and went home with hands full of world crafts and their names translated into other languages.  What a wonderful reading theme and cultural summer!  To see pictures or videos of Centerville Library’s summer events please visit our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/CentervilleLibrary or click on the direct links below:

We will have  another summer program on August 4 featuring Thomas John, a very funny juggler.  It will be held outdoors in the library’s patio.  Don’t miss Centerville Library’s last show of the summer! 

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Tonight is the night …Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II starts playing at midnight. Do you have your tickets? I just purchased mine this morning and am super excited to see the final Harry Potter film. I’m also a little sad that the whole thing is coming to an end. I’ve been a Harry Potter fan for many years now as I’m sure many of you have been too. The first time I saw a youngster at the library carrying around the huge Goblet of Fire book I knew there must be something special about the series and the author J.K. Rowling. As I read the series I delved into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts and was mesmerized! So if you are like me and you have read all the books, seen the movies and are wondering what to do next…wonder no more. Come and check out the Harry Potter Jeopardy game at the Centerville Library next week. The Jeopardy game is for kids but parents will want to watch too. If you are a fan then you’ll want to test your Potter knowledge!

Tuesday July 19     Beginners Level: books 1 – 3 grades 4 and under

Thursday July 21      Expert Level: books 1 – 7 grades 8 and under

Schedule for both days as follows: 2:00-5:00

2:00-2:45  Quiz Contest

No participants are allowed in 15 minutes after quiz starts.

2:45-3:45  Grading
3:45-3:50  Quiz winners announcement

4:00-5:00  Jeopardy!

Only quiz winners will compete in the Jeopardy game   but everyone is welcome to watch. If no contestants can give    the correct answer, the question will be open to the audience.

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Tuesday, June 21, 1:00-5:30 P.M.
Thursday, June 23, 10:00 A.M.-5:30 P.M.
Kids Library Camp

A 2-day camp for kids entering 4th-8th grades. Classes include the library and library jobs, resources for homework help, Internet safety and cool websites, making multimedia posters, Jeopardy Game, carfts and more. Registration required and is already full.
Check out how much fun we had in this 2009 camp video.
Tuesday, June 28, 4 P.M.
Tony Borders’ Cool, Crazy Critters

Bring the whole family in to hear about other continents straight from the animals that live there! Ventriloquism and a touch of magic!
This show will be held outdoors in the library’s patio. Some areas may not have shade. You are advised to wear a hat to shield the sun.
Thursday, July 7, 2 P.M.
Food, Fun, and Foolishness Around the World

Songs, stories, and riddles brought to you by legendary children’s entertainer Gary Lapow. This show will be held in the library’s meeting room. Seats are limited. A ticket is required to attend. Tickets are free and will be available at the Information Desk 30 minutes prior to the begining of the show.
  Thursday, July 14, 1:30 P.M.
Dan Chan the Magic Man

Magic + climbing in a giant balloon + 變臉Bian Lian (what’s that?) + more!
This show is full of surprises and excitement!
The show will be held outdoors in the library’s patio. Some areas may not have shade. You are advised to wear a hat to shield the sun.
Tuesday, July 19, 2-5 P.M.
Harry Potter Jeopardy! Beginners Level for grades 4 and under, books 1-3

Calling all Harry Potter fans!
So you’ve read the books, you’ve seen the movies, now it’s time to play Jeopardy!
Registration is required.  Click HERE for more details.
Thursday, July 21, 2-5 P.M.
Harry Potter Jeopardy! Expert Level for grades 8 and under, books 1-7

Calling all Harry Potter super fans!

So you’ve read the books, you’ve seen the movies, now it’s time to play Jeopardy!
Registration is required. Click HERE for more details.
Tuesday, July 26, 2-4 P.M.
International Crafts and Games for Kids

Come have fun making crafts of other cultures and play games, and get your name translated into other languages! All materials are provided.
Some part of this event will be held outdoors in the library’s patio. You are advised to wear a hat to shield the sun.
Thursday, July 28, 4 P.M.
Jewelry Making Workshop with Chelsee Robinson
Learn how to make jewelry and take home your beautiful project. Keep it for yourself or give it to someone you love.
For teens only. Limit to 25 seats.
A ticket is required to attend. Find out how to get tickets HERE.
Thursday, August 4, 2 P.M.
Funny Juggler Thomas John
Bring the whole family in to watch Thomas John’s hilarious juggling show! You will be laughing out loud the entire time!
This show will be held outdoors in the library’s patio. Some areas may not have shade. You are advised to wear a hat to shield the sun.

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Are you folks as excited about these last two films as I am? (I will be avoiding the 3D if I can, but still…)

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Have you seen the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer? Well, if you liked the last one, this one is liable to give you goosebumps. I would also like to note here that last I heard, the film will be opening two days early.

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A new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been released. This one is a wee bit darker than the others I’ve seen. It makes me want to see the film *now*. Still a few months yet. Sigh.

New Half Blood Prince Trailer:

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October is a great month for the Fremont Libraries. October is when the Book Clubs return to the Centerville and Irvington Branches.

On October 9th from 4 to 5pm, by popular request, we will be doing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows . What was your favorite part? Is there anything you would change? If there was an eight book what would like to see in it?


  On October 22nd from 330 to 430 pm , we are discussing Coarline by Neil Gaiman. The Story:Looking for excitement, Coraline ventures through a mysterious door into a world that is similar, yet disturbingly different from her own, where she must challenge a gruesome entity in order to save herself, her parents, and the souls of three others. Do you like to explore? Have you ever found anything you didn’t want to find? Have you ever wondered how brave you would be if you found something really creepy?

To join the book clubs, come into the libraries and sign up; or Call the Centerville (795-2629) or Irvington ( 795-2631) libraries;  or email Beth .  Limited copies of the books are available for check out.

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is due in theaters on 21 November 2008. While we’re waiting, here is a sneak peak behind the scenes. Enjoy!

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It’s a new week and time for some more Book Adaptation news. There seem to be more of these all the time, don’t you think?

Directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons is due in theaters on 15 May 2009. Angels & Demons is the prequel to the very popular The Da Vinci Code.

How long will it be before all of Philip Pullman’s books are filmed? At this rate, it can only be a couple more years. It’s almost as if someone out there is going down the list. His dark YA novel, The Butterfly Tattoo (otherwise known in book form as The White Mercedes), is headed for the big screen, but there is no word as to when as yet. The official site for the film includes the teaser trailer if you are interested.

Speaking of Philip Pullman, his sequel to The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, has been announced. There is no further word on this project as yet, but Pullman fans may now cautiously rejoice. I’ll let you know when there is more news so that your rejoicing may become more boisterous.

The next film in the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, is due in U.S. theaters on 21 November 2008. It is currently being filmed and it looks like the same folks are back once again. I’m really looking forward to this one. I expect that I’m not alone in this.

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