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How to Survive a Robot Uprising by Dr. Daniel H. Wilson is best described as a luddite love song. This fact alone is interesting as the author holds a Ph.D. in Robotics (and a Master’s in data mining). I suppose that also means that he really knows what he’s talking about. This book gets into some serious detail about the sorts of robot prototypes out there, and the ways to thwart them should they suddenly turn on you. Sometimes this takes some advanced planning (as in the case of the “Smart House”) and other times knowledge can be your weapon.

Really, this book is written in such a way that you start out amused by the concept, but slowly begin to feel worried. Like, just maybe, he’s right, and the toasters will invade tomorrow. The information that Dr. Wilson provides is all true (yes, even the modular robots). That just might be the scariest part. Yes, I really enjoyed this book. It is both informational and entertaining. …And apparently there was some talk of it being made into a film at one point. At least, according to Variety. Mike Myers was supposed to be in it and everything. (I wonder how they would manage that, as How to Survive a Robot Uprising is not written like a novel. I expect that it would end up a bit I, Robot-y.)

Now I want to read Dr. Wilson’s other book: Where’s My Jetpack. Anyway, if you too want to survive the robot uprising, then you may wish to give How to Survive a Robot Uprising a look.

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