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You may have heard about it on a talk show, or in the newspaper, but How to Talk to Girls by Alec Greven is not the gimmicky piece of fluff that you may think it is. The author may be only nine years old, but his advice is really quite solid. Although the book is aimed at boys his own age, guys of all ages would do well to mind some of the offered advice. (Girls can join me in hoping that he follows this book with “How to Talk to Boys.”) Here are a couple of quotes to show you what I mean.

“Sometimes, you get a girl to like you, then she ditches you. Life is hard, move on!”

“Pretty girls are like cars that need a lot of oil.”

“If you want to start a conversation with a girl, first you have to say something like “hi.” If she says “hi” back, you are off to a good start.”

Pretty accurate, eh? Alec distilled his advice from his observations of folks at his elementary school. (He notes that his observations “aren’t worldwide. I would have to do a lot more research for that.”) It would seem that his elementary school is a good control group, as I would hazard a guess that his advice is applicable at least across the USA, if not further.

How to Talk to Girls is a quick read that you will find yourself quoting to your friends. Kei Acedera’s illustrations are a perfect accompaniment to the text. So, if you would like some tips on behavior or a bit of commiseration if things don’t work out, give this book a try.

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