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Thursday Thirteen #89

This week I’m pondering things that folks wonder about, so here’s a list of thirteen of them. I’m including some links so that you can learn more on each topic, and where possible, I’ve given you both sides of the issue. For example, is the Bermuda Triangle real? Not according to the U.S. Military. Other folks disagree.

As usual, let me know if you have anything to add to the list.

13 Things to Ponder…
1. UFOsUFOevidence.org vs. The CIA and The FBI

2. Crop CirclesNational Geographic, Circlemakers.org, and the Independent Crop Circle Researcher’s Association.

3. Mysterious Moving RocksDeath Valley National Park, Roadside America, and Geology.com.

4. Bermuda TriangleNaval Historic Center, A Disappearance Database, and Bermuda-Triangle.org.

5. Bigfoot/Yeti/SasquatchBigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Sasquatch Information Society, and BBCNews Links for “Bigfoot”

6. AtlantisAtlantis: Island of the West, The UnMuseum, and BBC: Atlantis.

7. The Loch Ness MonsterLoch Ness Monster Cam!, Legend of Nessie, and BBC Proves Nessie doesn’t exist.

8. StonehengeGoogle map, Stonehenge Dig 2008, Britannia History: Stonehenge, and Stonehenge Decoded.

9. The Nazca LinesWorld Mysteries, Lost City of Nasca, and Nazca Lines.

10. Lost Colony at RoanokeThe Colony at Roanokae, The Establishment of the Colony, and America’s Lost Colony.

11. The Jersey DevilUnexplained America, Jersey Devil and Folklore, and The Devil Hunters.

12. Winchester Mystery HouseWinchester Mystery House and Winchester House

13. Elvis SightingsThe Elvis Sighting Bulletin Board, The Truth about Elvis: A Documentary Film, and Elvis.com.

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