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How to Build a Planet

An astronomer from NASA/JPL explains how a planet is formed. Yep. Youtube really does have everything.

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13 Astronomy Links


Thursday Thirteen #66

It’s no secret to anyone who has seen my cube here at work that I love astronomy. So, today, I thought I’d gift you all with 13 Astronomy-related links. I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed hunting them down.

1. NASA.gov – This is obviously one of the basics when it comes to outer space, if you are U.S.-based, anyway.

2. Hubblesite – The home of the Hubble Space Telescope, and its fabulous pictures.

3. Mars Atlas – If you need information about the Martian terrain, this is the place to go.

4. Planet Quest – This is the official website for Exoplanet Exploration from JPL. Will they find a habitable world?

5. The International Year of Astronomy – Did you know that 2009 is the international year of Astronomy? Pop by this website to see events occurring near you.

6. NASA on Youtube – Your home for videos about the goings on at NASA.

7. NASA Ames Research Center – Located on Moffat Field in California. They even offer a NASA exploration center that you can visit.

8. The JPL Youtube channel – News and Videos from the home of many rovers of Mars.

9. Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory – I knew that the Smithsonian was cool, but I didn’t know that the SAO had a section on Extreme Astrophysics.

10. The Chandra X-ray Observatory Center – Like the Hubble’s site this one also has pictures and research data. They even have pictures with Black Holes in them.

11. Mars Exploration Rover Mission – Keep your eye on the Rovers.

12. Astronomy Picture of the Day – APOD offers up everything from the silly to the extraordinary, one picture at a time.

13. NASA on Twitter – Along with several other Astronomy-related entities (such as the Mars Rovers) you can follow NASA on Twitter.

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