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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett and illustrated by Ron Barrett is another of my all-time favorites. Although it is a picture book, I wouldn’t generally recommend it for children under the age of two, as it is quite wordy and takes a bit of effort to follow. That being said, my friend’s three year old loved it, and actually stayed focused for the whole thing. I suppose that you can’t go too far wrong with a story about a place where food rains from the sky instead of being cooked.

The story of the town of Chewandswallow is told by a Grandfather as a bed-time story. It’s the best bed-time story ever as far as the kids are concerned. I agree with them. This story is one of my favorites, and I have been known to read it to anyone who seems slightly interested. The artwork in this book is very detailed, but not very colorful. I’ve never been certain about whether or not I like their sketchy style. In any case, the scenes which appear in the art are hilarious. Where else will you find a picture of a football game called on account of pie? What can I say but: Try it, you’ll like it. (Just don’t eat the book.)

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