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good_thing_octopus_jacketHave you ever wished, even just for a minute, that you could be someone else, anyone else but you? Julie Markes’ delightfully funny book, Good Thing You’re Not an Octopus!, has a valuable lesson to communicate about self-acceptance. Maggie Smith’s corresondingly humorous drawings illustrate the different problems you might encounter if you were say…an octopus or a caterpillar. It’s great for kids or anyone really who has a tendancy to think the grass is always greener. “You don’t like to eat your lunch? It’s a good thing you’re not a bird,” quips the text, while the illustrations show a little boy hiding from his spaghetti. Flip the page and find out why. “If you were a bird, you would have to eat worms for lunch!” Talk about learning to count your blessings–

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Dog Eared by Amanda Harvey

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