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This is a typical request we receive from kids almost everyday at the library. I used to direct them to pbs.com or disney.go.com until I learned this one from my son’s teacher a few years ago. This website is actually two sister sites linked to each other and the activities on both websites are very fun and most importantly, educational at the same time!

FunBrain (http://www.funbrain.com) and Fact Monster (http://www.factmonster.com) are the two websites I want to share here. If kids come to the library asking to play games on the computer, I usually tell them to go on FunBrain. If they need information for homework or projects, I say Fact Monster.

All the games and activities at FunBrain are categorized by different age/grade levels. They are very fun and the possible “side effects” may include being glued on to the computer screen and nonstop talk about the games. Even though it may require the player to solve a problem for each move, they enjoy doing it so much that you shouldn’t expect them to quit soon.  There is also a Books and Comics section where kids can read the online version of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.  Besides kids’ stuff, there are also sections for parents and teachers.


Fact Monster from Information Please provides information for kids who need help for homework and projects. There are reference tools including an almanac, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, a theasaurus, and an atlas and map collection. Besides information on single subjects, there is also a Homework Center where additional homework help is available. The Cool Stuff section has random and interesting facts to feed your curiosity, and the Games and Quizzes section is just as fun as FunBrain’s.

Check them out today and have fun!

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