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A Bit of Silliness: Library Cats


Two of my favorite things are cats and books. I’m sure that won’t come as a huge surprise to you all. In the picture above, you will see three kittens (who are much larger these days) named Merry, Pippin, and Sam who have decided to sleep squeezed between the top of the books and the bottom of the next shelf.

Now, on the subject of cats and books, I should tell you about the Library Cats Map. It’s a site that features information about cats that live in libraries. There are even pictures of many of the cats. Some of the cats have passed on, but others are still around. The map even tells you where these libraries are if you should wish to drop by for a visit. The whole world is included on the map, although some places currently have no cats listed. So, enjoy!

And if you have information about cats that they don’t have listed…you might let them know.

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