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A Sticky Situation

“Bubble gum, Bubble gum/Chewy-gooey bubble gum/Icky-sticky bubble gum/Melting in the road.
Along comes a toad . . . /A fine, fat toad, / A fine, fat, wild / -SPLAT!- / wart-backed toad.”

And just like that the toad is stuck in the bubble gum, but he won’t be the only one. A veritable
menagerie of animals get themselves caught in the sticky pink splat, and they’re all struggling mightily to get free, until they look up and what do they see– a truck, a big truck and it’s coming fast toward the bubble-gummed group. They’re in trouble now!

Lisa Wheeler’s text is a delightful mix of rhymes, onomatopoeia, and silly combinations of words. You pretty much have to read it out loud. The rhythm and hilarity command it. It’s a wonderful book, especially for sharing the creativity that is possible with language. The illustrations by Laura Huliska-Beith are bright and add plenty of comic flair to the rhyming text. All in all it’s a very fun book.

Place a hold.


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